Those Who Act Like Sheep Are Eaten By Wolves

Since the beginning of time in every society, there have been sheep, sheepdogs, guardians and criminals or WOLVES.

What this means is this; there are average people who want to live in peace, there are police who try to keep average people in line, there are “Wolves” or criminals in every society.

This book intends to provide a simple method for reducing all types of crime and decrease heartache, pain, suffering and needless deaths.

Most people usually never think about who they are and what they are capable of doing.  The only people who know exactly who they are;  are the Criminals.

Those Who Act Like Sheep Are Eaten By Wolves

Criminals or the wolves in our societies know exactly who they are and they are watching you daily.  Many of you, the sheep, are easily attacked and when it happens . . .many of you wonder . . . why me?

When you’re attacked or had parts or ALL of your assets stolen – you wonder how could this happen and why did this happen to you?  Why me?  Maybe an intruder broke into your home and murdered a member of your family?  Why did this happen – after all,  I live in a safe neighborhood, this should not of happened to me.  Why? Why? Why me?

It’s urgent that you discover exactly why more and more people are becoming victims.  Expect to be a victim once or several times during your life – if you are not part of the solution, then you will be part of the problem.

“Evil Can Only Prevail When Good People Do Nothing!”

This eBook will help provide choices and it could save your life or the life of others in your community.

If you could profile or READ a criminal or a potentially dangerous person, then you, your family, your friends and others in the community would be safer.

What people do not realize is that narcissistic criminals usually do their best to blend into society.  They can be very friendly, humorous and kind.  Naturally, these evil doers do their best to reflect the type of person you can trust easily.

Some of the more likable people can be sadistic killers.  Most people focus on the superficial charm of the predator.  This type of profiling does not tell you anything about the true character of the person.  Do not assume just because he or she is complimentary, kind or tells you a funny story is a safe person.

Many people in almost every community think that they know how to detect a potential criminal. They rely on their natural instincts.  This is WRONG.  Your instincts cannot tell you anything. You must discover how to profile a potential predator.

A criminal has the skills and talent of making a very people feel safe. By being friendly and courteous and by making good eye contact they lure their victims into a web of no return.

Most people are not good listeners and many times this keeps you from protecting yourself. You must stop talking so much and listen to the other person. Learn what to watch for in words or behavior.

Every day people put too much faith or trust in those with uniforms. For example; most people automatically trust a policeman, a military person, religious clergy and others.

Most people think people who wear uniforms are harmless and will protect them.  Criminals also wear uniforms and they can get access to uniforms to create this trust factor.

Sometimes when people are emotionally distraught they can become even more vulnerable to a predator.  Maybe they are depressed and need a friend or maybe someone close to them died.

Predators have a keen sense of when you’re the most vulnerable.  They may show kindness and offer assistance but it is only to eventually turn you into a victim.

Most good people overlook the RED FLAGS that they could use to easily profile a predator.  They often either overlook the red flag entirely or they recognized and decided to minimize it as a mistake or not important.

Victims are shocked when the person they perceived as a kind person was actually a violent criminal without any remorse.

Red Flags When Profiling People

Again, reading people accurately means going beyond superficial traits and observing their behaviors.

Does the person get angry easily?  Talk about violence?

A good indicator of a dangerous person red is if they think that “violence is the answer to everything no matter what the subject matter is about.

Is the Person a Bully?

Have you witnessed the person bully others? Do they tell people what to do or try to control others with an angry voice?  Do they try to intimidate others?  Do they get physically aggressive?

Do they usually blame others for everything?

Do they seldom anything good to say about others?  Do they always put down or blame their ex-wives, ex-girlfriends, ex-boyfriends or business partners?

Do they appear to lack any kind of compassion or empathy?

Does the person show any type of sympathy or empathy about the loss of someone you know or a relative?  These individuals usually will highjack conversations by interrupting and refocusing the conversation back to them.

Psychopaths, who make up about one to two percent of the general population. These are people who do not have the ability to empathize with you or other humans beings.

The receptors in their brain are “broken” at birth or became broken. They do not “think” like normal people. They cannot relate to”feelings”.  They are like an animal. Do you think a Bengali tiger would have any remorse after he killed and ate you?

Psychopaths know they are different. They learn to mimic human emotions that they do not have.  They learn to tear-up when they know they should – even though they do not feel those emotions. It is important for a psychopath to blend in and not be detected.  They may pretend as though they care, empathize and have feelings for their victims but they have ZERO feelings.

Our communities need additional support and protection. This book may provide a solution to keep us all safer so we can live more peaceful lives.