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Most eBook promo websites own a large “targeted” list of emails.   This is how they promote your ebook.

The website owner or staff member simply emails your ebook details out to their lists.  These are usually avid readers who like to read new ebooks.  It’s best if your ebook is free or .99 cents.

So, why do this for free?

Many of these type of free promo websites – will send their list to your your book’s amazon sales page and create their own Amazon Associate link and place that in the email so as to get a commission on sales.

What if you want to promote a FREE ebook?

Amazon Associate system will pay a percentage of someone who buys in 24 hours of clicking that link. This is how the website owner earns money.  Even if they don’t buy your ebook if the person clicks and buys anything on Amazon, then the website owner earns an affiliate commision.

Don’t worry how “they” earn money, your mission is to get your eBook out to as many people as possible.  This is a free method of advertising for you.

The more click and downloads, your ebook will become more and more popular.  All you do is, submit your eBook and that’s all you do.

You can also used this same methods to increase SALES of your eBook or get REVIEWS.

Below is an Amazing List of Websites that Specialize in FREE eBook Promotions.

Free book submission sites require that at the time of your submission – your ebook must be FREE.

Make sure to read their requirements. Some of the websites will require you to submit your book one week before the FREE launch date.  They want enough time to get your listing out to their readers.

  1. Submit at least two days before your book goes free. Erotica and offensive books are not accepted, and books rated above 3.5 are preferred. They will promote books before they actually go free on their “Soon to Be Free” page.
  2. Book must have 18+ Amazon reviews and 4.0+ stars, but you can pay to bypass these requirements. Books are listed for up to four days.
  3. Books must be free for the entire period of promotion – only featured for 14 days.
  4. Teen ebooks (fiction preferred). Book will be listed for one day.
  5. has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Lifehacker, TIME and Edudemic.
  6. Books must be at least 125 pages, except children’s books, cookbooks and nonfiction. They will also promote ebooks that are on sale.
  7. Only non-fiction, children’s ebooks and Christian fiction ebooks are accepted, and books must be submitted at least 24 hours before going free.
  8. This site also offers a paid option ($10) for extra exposure.
  9. No erotica is allowed and you can only submit once every thirty days.
  10. No erotica is accepted, and your book must have three reviews. Paid options are also available.
  11. Erotica is not accepted. Fiction books do not require reviews, but if they exist must have a 3.5 star rating or higher. Non-fiction books must have at least 5 reviews to be considered.
  12. The normal site is on hiatus, but books will still be posted to the Facebook account.
  13. Erotica is not accepted, nor are novels under 100 pages. Books must have at least 3 reviews and a rating of four stars or more.
  14. Erotica is allowed however, be sure to indicate it’s category.
  15. No requirements.
  16. This is a UK site, and all content must be PG-13 – no erotica!
  17. Another author site without requirements.
  18. This is only for Kindle Select Promotions, you must submit your book five days in advance and you have to like them on Facebook for your book to be posted.
  19. No requirements or rules.
  20. Popular genres and books with high ratings are preferred. It actually helps if you have a website or a website for your book.
  21. You must like and share the Focus Post at the top of their Facebook page to be featured.
  22. You can only post about your book on the thread while the ebooks or book is FREE.
  23. This site isn’t specific to books, and you just submit the details of your free item via this contact form.
  24.  no requirements.
  25. Basically this is free, but priority listing is $8 and moves your book to the top of the queue.
  26. Not specific to ebooks.
  27. No requirements.
  28. Books with graphic violence, erotica, paranormal activity or profanity are not accepted. Books must be submitted 24 hours in advance, and must be full-length novels rather than short stories.
  29. Not specific to books.
  30. No erotica is allowed.
  31.  No requirements.
  32. Not specific to books, though Kindle ebooks are encouraged.
  33. Not specific to ebooks,  and the website isn’t user-friendly.
  34. You must make a pledge to ensure all your reviews are honest. No religious, political or hateful books are accepted, and sexual/nudity on book covers is forbidden.
  35. Many Books offers free as well as premium services.  But, make sure you have at least 10 reviews and a 4.0 or above Amazon Review rating before you stand a chance of making it on their newsletter.  Gotta like the selectivity.
  36. The site is a publicizing book portal for authors and readers alike. Think of it as a wikipedia for books that allow anyone to add or edit a book on the list, but it also provides an opportunity to broadcast these books across various social networks and blogs to help reach new readers.
If you would like your website or service added to this list, contact me and let me know the pertinent information about your requirements and anything else you would like to share.


Memberships are usually free to join, but they will require you to submit your email address and signup for an account.

This  helps to build their list of potential customers, which is a double edged sword. On the one hand the website has more people to email, but on the other hand you are going to receive potentially spammy emails or worse, your ebook will be looked at as spammy.

Plus, know that a mass amount of their emails are going to other self-published writers…that could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your target market.


  1. not a bad site at all…if you are a premium member.
  2. You have to subscribe to their newsletter and your book must be submitted at least two days in advance.
  5. You need to sign in to the site to talk about your books.
  6. You have to sign in to post your request.
  7. Submitting your book automatically subscribes you to their mailing list, so keep that in mind.
  8. You must register on the website to submit your book.
  9. A free account is required.
  10. No erotica is allowed, you must post on the day your book is available, and you have to be a member of the website.
  12. All you have to do is sign up, post an introduction, or any question or answer in the forum and voila – you’ve got access to the ads platform for free. Your ads will run for 90 days and can be renewed.
  13. Joining the mailing list is technically optional, but encouraged for a “promotion bonus”. In this case, I would recommend the extra 45 seconds to get that status.
  14. You need to sign up for a free account, including uploading a profile photo, to get your book promotion emailed to thousands of readers.
  15. You must subscribe even to get into the site as a reader.
  16. This is an active Facebook group with over 12,000 members. Before posting, you should join Indie Boards.
  17. You must sign up for the site, but there appear to be no other notable requirements.


Before you invest any money in these promotional sites, make sure you understand how to verify if a site is worth your time or money.

  1. – $65 to promote your book on the front page of Awesomegang,, BookReaderMagazine, and DiscountBookMan. Book goes into each sites daily newsletter and get spread over social media. You can stack promo across one day or spread them out on each site.(BEST DEAL)
  2. $30 to promote your free ebook for three consecutive days. Book must have over 20 reviews and a 4.0+ star rating.
  3. $40-$100, depending on genre. You get featured on their homepage, included in an email to 60,000 subscribers and a post to 175,000 Facebook fans.
  4. $1-$5. Titles must be rated 4 stars or higher, and no erotica or controversial subject matter.
  5. $7.95-$19.95.
  6. $25 flat fee to be listed.
  7. $15 to be listed on either “Bargain eBook Hunter”, “PixelScroll” or “Romance eBook Deals”.
  8. It costs $5 to be featured and Romance is the only accepted genre. There is also a UK version.
  9. Costs between $10 and $20, depending on the amount of exposure required.
  10. Books must be submitted five days in advance, and listing costs $3.
  11. Erotica, controversial subject matter and extreme violence are not accepted.
  12. There is a free option, but the paid options ($5 and $10) are heavily emphasized, as there is no guarantee that books submitted free will be featured. Books must also have at least a 3.5 star rating.
  13. $10, which can also be submitted via PayPal.
  14. Only payment guarantees a feature.
  15. No adult or gambling content is accepted, and prices range from $12 to $60.
  16. Very pricey, ranging from $99 to almost $400 for a week of exposure.
  17. Costs $25 to set yourself up as a Featured Author once, with VIP at $75. You can get a Twitter blitz, with one Tweet about your book per hour, for $45.
  18. Costs between $30 and $385 to promote a free book, depending on genre.

If you know of a legitimate site that should be featured here, contact me and let me know!

Viable Economical Services

BKnights on Fiverr: This person is great at promotion sites sales.  The link to the left is his Fiverr profile page where you will find an assortment of fiverr gig options.  I have never met anyone who didn’t think that these gigs were not worth every penny.

James H. Mayfield’s Promotion Service:  Plus, he offers other types of promotions to include Facebook, Redit, forums and others.

And Here Are Some More Fiverr Opportunities:

Fiverr Gig for 25 Kindle Sites

I will promote your free ebook on 5 different websites

Spread the word about the VIP Authors Club to any frustrated or beginning author.  IT WILL HELP.



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