Arrest the Banksters

Thomas Crenshaw has written a true eye-opener of awareness concerning the criminal “Federal Reserve” and the IRS (Mafia).   it’s no secret these two criminal enterprises spread fear and chaos like any mobster operation.  The IRS collects money mainly through fear.

Mr. Crenshaw reveals secrets of these two secret enterprises that most people do not know existed. He simplifies their existence so anyone can quickly discover their crystal clear INTENT.

These abusive bankers and the criminal IRS have purposely enslaved and has spread fear and havoc all over America.  Thomas Crenshaw is the author of other empowering ebooks concerning the evils of our world.

Thomas has created a simple plan to live a Simple Life in order to break-away from the evil bankers until our world improves and creates a fair and honest monetary system.

Check out Thomas Crenshaw’s “Arrest the Banksters” on Amazon.