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This club is by invitation only. 
It is not open to the public.

Authors invite Authors  = Authors helping Authors.

Right now, we can ONLY safely insert 50 authors into this new program.  First Come First Served.  We’ll let you know when we have reached this quota.  We do anticipate a waiting list.

If you’re reading this page, then you’ve been invited to join us. Most authors need quality reviews in order to encourage sales. Honest ethical reviews for ebooks and books are essential for an author’s success.

The Author Review Club is growing!

Here’s how it works:

  1.  An author simply joins the Author Review Club by inserting his/her email address into the form.
  2.  When an author needs review assistance he/she may request their details (ebook link) to be emailed to the club list.  A staff members will BLAST your ebook details “link” to the members.
  3.  Hint: You’ll get more eBook reviews if it is FREE.
  4. The members receive the author review announcement with the sales book link.
  5. We’re requesting the reviewer member not take longer than 7 days for each review. (no more than (2) per week.)
  6.  Join the Club now while it is still FREE.
  7.  We seek ethical, loyal and reliable reviewers.
  8. We more than welcome your feedback to let us know how this review program is working for you.

Please use the proper link to your Amazon sales page to avoid any unnecessary issues or complications.     insert ASIN #.


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