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The Author’s Best Marketing Tool


Let’s talk about how to really connect with your audience.

Permission is the ability to communicate with your fans in a way that reliably gets their attention and drives them to action.

This lesson will prove to you that SOCIAL MEDIA is not the best tool.  Do not completely ignore social media, but there is something far greater.

When people are interacting with social media, they are taking ONLY small sips from a fire hose of information. Your message can get lost in that powerful stream of continuously flow.

However, there is a TOOL that you can use to reliably get people’s attention and drive action:

It’s called EMAIL.

Many people think email marketing is on it’s way out. People make you think with all the social media platforms that EMAIL is and old out-dated method of marketing.


Book marketing experts and professionals have determined that EMAIL is a far more reliable way to get your audience’s attention and it will drive them to take action when done right.  Gobs of testing has proven that email is the best tool for selling books.

Look at how social media and email compare:

  • The vast majority of Twitter users see only a small percentage of all of the updates from all the people they’re following. How many updates do youactually read in a given day?
  • Facebook is even worse, because it actively culls things from your newsfeedit thinks you won’t be interested in.
  • Of the emails that come into your inbox, how many do you at least speed-read? 90%? 95%? If you’re like me, it’s 100%.

Once you’ve built your EMAIL list, your subscribers can be as much as 20 to 25 times more likely to buy a book than a twitter follower.

If you want to communicate with your fans in a way that reliably gets their attention and drives them to action, the #1 tool you need is an email list.

That means that all of your Content and Outreach strategy should be about moving people onto your email list.  It’s fine to use facebook or twitter to build your email list, because it will soon be your best tool.

The goal is no longer to get people to follow you on social media. It’s to get people to move from following you on social media to subscribing to your email list.

Imagine having a direct connection with your fans, via your email list. You can communicate with them about what you’re working on. You can see how many of them are actually opening your emails to read them.

You no longer take anything to chance. You’ll no longer write a book, release it, and hope it sells. When you have direct connections to your fans, you know the book will sell before you even pen the first word.

Most professional book marketers use this special auto-responder to build their list.  It’s affordable and it’s very reliable.  Plus it’s easy to use.  You’ll love it.   This auto-responder tool is one of the best.  Get it here and start building your list today.  Click Here.

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