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Unfortunately, most people and children never learn the basics of survival. Many people have been brain-washed into living a convenient life without purpose.  Get Empowered. “Bullet Proof Your Life”  today!

There are HUNDREDS OF LIES handed down by people who DO NOT have our best interest at heart. The history books have been rewritten to hide certain pivitol points in history.  Most unethical historians and biblical scholars (Pope) are hiding the true history of planet earth.

There have been amazing civilizations who lived on Earth hundreds of years ago –  they constructed incredible buildings to last forever. These are buildings that is almost impossible to be erected today. However, the power-at-be do not want “us” to know the truth. 

Unfortunately, our planet is controlled by a very evil and dark force that does not work for the best interest of humanity. Until this dark force (Communism and Stanists) are removed, then we must be always aware of their existence and learn how to protect ourselves on a daily basis.

The US Constitution  
The 10 Comandments



Get Empowered. “Bullet Proof Your Life”

  • Do NOT Trust History books or most (blackmailed) scientists. Most so-called historians or “scholars” have an agenda to purposely HIDE our history. There has been many  civilizations that lived on earth before “us”.  The truth will come out soon. There is plenty of evidence.
  • Do Not Trust Religious Leaders. Our churches has been infiltrated by the enemy for many years. You do not need to worship in a religious building. The POPE is ‘Luciferian”.
  • Do Not Trust Law Enforcement.  Do not answer their questions. They are not your friends.
  • Do Not Trust the FBI.  FBI is a criminal organization designed to ONLY protect the ”Elite” and their pedophile fetishes.  The FBI can and will legally LIE to you but you can’t LIE to them.  Do NOT answer their questions.
  • Do Not Trust the CIA.  They are criminals. The CIA is an organized crime syndicate. Mostly involved in blackmail, extortion, election fraud, drug trafficking, child sex trafficking, assassinations and murder.
  • Do Not Trust NASA.  NASA is a FRAUD. The funds handed to NASA goes into a multi-billion dollar SLUSH FUND and is cleaned-up and goes out to various criminal organizations. All astronauts are 33 degree masons. NASA was started by Natzis. The moon landing was a FAKE. They haven’t been back in decades because – in their words – “they lost the technology they had back then!”  How stupid do they think we are? Don’t believe the NASA SCAMS. Humans have never left the planet.
  • Do NOT Trust Banks. They are also criminals and have stolen millions from customer safety deposit boxes.  Use credit unions.
  • Do NOT Trust CPS, DAs, Judges or most state Prosecutors – many of them are involved in child trafficking. Many are criminals and earn profits by selling stolen children for a variety of nefarious reasons.
  • Do NOT Trust Government Predators or Politicians. Many are subject to blackmail and extortion. They Lie and Deceive. Most politicians do not work on behalf of the American people. They are subject to blackmail and extortion.
  • Do NOT Trust our Election System. It is highly corrupt and most elections are not honest. The CIA has been selecting our presidents for many decades.
  • Do Not Trust your food supply or water supply. Use only NON-GMO and distilled water for drinking and cooking. (Monsanto – Bayer- GMO) is banned in 7 different countries – but they are allowed to prosper in America.
  • Do NOT Trust Corporations – Especially those who deceive the public through deceptive labeling of ingredients. Most “deep state” controlled food corporations will insert unhealthy ingredients in hopes you will not notice. Many CEOs are quickly resigning.
  • Do NOT Trust FEAR tactics:   Einstein did not invent the Nuclear Bomb.  It does not exist.  It is a LIE.  It is only a FEAR tactic.  During WW2 – Japan was paid billions to keep their mouth shut – they were were hit with Fire-bombs.  (one city block).  Nuclear “Atomic” Bombs do not exist.
  • Do NOT Trust Big Pharma or the Medical industry.  Covid was another FEAR tactic.  The virus was never proven or seen under a microscope. It never existed. There is no such thing as a covid -19 virus. It was a scam. Our enemies used bioweapon injections. They have injured and murdered millions of people. BIG pharma drugs are designed to create a cascade of illnesses. Beware.
  • Do NOT Trust the FDA, CDC, NIH, the “W.H.O.”, the WEF, the UN or any Secret Organization. They are secret for a reason.  These organizations are trying to implement the new world order for total enslavement of the world.
  • Beware: Big Pharma (criminals) are secretly purchasing popular vitamin companies.  Why? What will they insert into their products? Helpful ingredients or more of their TOXIC poisons?
  • Take Care of Your Health.  A quality life is worth living.  Learn about nutrition.  Knowledge of nutrtion will empower you.  Discover natural remedies (some are hidden).  Shy away from fluoride,  sugar, wheat and toxic GMO products.  Our enemy want us sick or dead.
  • Do NOT Trust NWO gangsters who are destroying America. Top known demons are Bill Gates, Karl Schwab, George Soros, King Charles, Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Biden, Obama, plus thousands of Satanic minions.
  • Do Not Trust Government Agencies. All of them have been infiltrated by Marxists to decrease freedoms and create financial theft  of Americans. FDA, EPA, FTC, etc.
  • Do Not Trust the IRS: They are liars. The IRS is not a US government agency. The IRS is a scam. Former IRS agents (whistleblowers) say … if you send in your hard earned money to the IRS, then you’re a fool. There is NO law that states that ‘WE’ owe income taxes. The IRS work for the “Banksters”.  They are criminal thieves. The IRS has deceived and LIED to us!
  • Do NOT Trust the TV Media. Most are CIA trained and are trained to LIE. It is propaganda for the New World Order. They are NOT your friends.
  • Do NOT Trust the Public School System and Universities. Marxist communists have infiltrated our school system across America.  At least three generations of human minds are being poisoned with “Marxist” ideology.  Children are being taught obscene subjects such as; pedophilia, transgenderism and repulsive sexuality. Home school is the best.  75% of students are becoming Marxists DAILY!
  • Do Not be Ignorant about Self-Defense.  Take self-defense training classes as well as FIREARM training.  Learn how to protect you and your family.
  • Do NOT Trust Most strangers.  Vet people before inviting them into your circle of trust. Observe their actions – not their words. Do their words run congruent with their actions? Don’t be a blabber mouth – your personal and private information is on a need-to-know basis.
  • Don’t Try to Impress Strangers with your new and expensive designer clothes, products, vehicle or a big house. Strangers do not care about you.  Most strangers do not even know you EXIST.  So, why try to impress them? Your friends and relatives already love and care about you – no need to impress them. Be a good steward of your money.  Invest money – do not waste money to impress others.  Remember, your EGO is your enemy!
  • Practice Reciprocation.  Be kind to every person you meet. Do not tolerate a bully and never bow down to Tyranny. YOU ARE NOT A SLAVE – YOU ARE A VALUABLE HUMAN BEING!


  • Become Self-Reliant – For now, large cities are unsafe. You MUST learn how to control or grow your own food and create your own water supply. It is not wise to depend on corporations or government to survive.
  • Most church leaders are not to be trusted. Suggestion: Worship our heavenly father in your home with those of like-minds.
  • Want Everything – but never expect Anything.  Expectations can create many disappointments.  Always count your blessings when life provides for you.  You’ll have happier days. Do not expect good things to happen.  Life has no guarantees.
  • Speak softly and slowly.  Do not criticize others. Do not give advice unless asked. Compliment others.  Be gracious.  Live with integrity and honor.  When angry – get silent.
  • Create a Community of Like-Minds.   Several Like-minds will survive easier than one. Trade Ideas – work together.
  • Empower yourself by KNOWING YOUR enemy.  There is ‘evil’ surrounding us at all times. Beware.

The Power of a Bullet Proof Life!

If you’re empowered correctly with the right knowledge, then you can share your powerful knowledge with others within your “trusted” circle. Discover powerful knowledge from honest MENTORS (authors) who have your best interest at heart.

Mentors have usually traveled the same path and know how to best handle problematic issues.  People who want to “bullet proof their life” are individuals who are hungry for empowerment.

Remember, when or IF reporting a CRIME  is a CRIME, then you’re living in a country that is run by CRIMINALS!

The Right Knowledge will Divulge the Secrets of Living a Bullet Proof Life. Allow us to Share our Knowledge

One crucial aspect of being a mentor is to share knowledge that works. Our authors share Conspiracy facts, Self-Reliance, Living on Wheels and a host of other books. Many ADULT people enjoy reading stories of Romance.  Dating and sexuality is also a big part of the human experience. Discover how to experience successful relationships.

Empowering knowledge can ensure that future generations are better equipped to face the complexities of our world. 

Order any of our eBooks with CONFIDENCE. You’ll be glad you did.  Empower777.com


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