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Thomas P. Crenshaw is an author of tell-all books. He holds nothing back. He has multiple sources to find hard-to-find facts.  Mr. Crenshaw is an expert researcher and interviewer.  He uncovers the lies of our world and exposes the truth. Millions of people are sick of the lies.  Mr. Crenshaw exposes the truth no matter what.  You would benefit greatly from any of his books.

Who lies the most?  Our Government? Medical Establishment? CIA? FBI? Scientists?  NASA? University Educators?  Doctors?  They all LIE to us!

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Thomas P. Crenshaw – TruthSeeker

The Truthseeking movement is gaining momentum and many lies are being revealed as time goes on.  We’ve been told thousands of lies.  Who Lies to us?

Let’s start with POLITICIANS -every time they open their shady mouths. How about the Medical and Scientific profession?  Oh, how about Teachers and University educators?  Let’s not forget HISTORIANS.