Child Kidnappings

Over ONE Million Children Disappear
Every Year in America Alone!

Why and How do they disappear?
What’s going on? Where do they go?
Is there a big Cover-up?

Warning: You may be surprised what happens to most
of these innocent children. It might make you sick.

Shocking Truth Adrenochrome.
The killing of Children for Blood!

“The Facts in this book are real and shocking. It woke me up!” 
– Kelley V.

“The author exposes the huge cover-up the missing of millions of children.”
– Carol B.

“Beware, your heart may skip a beat when you learn the truth about what happens to lost children.”  – -Lynn and Marc

This is a book about the tragic loss of millions of children.  “We must save our children.”  

  • Child theft is a massive crime in American and around the world.
  • Children disappear every day.  You will be shocked why most go missing.
  • There is a child sex ring in every city.  They hide in plain sight. 
  • There is a missing children’s network.  We must find and save children.
  • There is a child abducted in nearly every neighborhood in America.
  • Child kidnappings are frequent – they are often sold into child sex slavery.
  • Some pedophiles will sexually abuse and child murdered.
  • Discover all about the harvesting of children’s organs and adrenochrome.

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