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Shannon Stone creates real-life stories from her heart that carry readers along on a journey that shares very real characters in her books. Her stories stay with you for months. Highly recommended!


LOVE STALK is a book that is a must read for all. I found the book both captivating and inspiring. There is a great lesson to be learned as well.

avid reader and member of Shannon Stone’s book club.

Shannon Stone writes stories that are believable and each story provides a thought provoking message. She which immediately draws the reader into a relationship with her characters.  It’s amazing. Men and women who seek significance in life. The author captivates her readers until the end.

English Professor

Ms. Stone’s ability to quickly introduce you to characters that parallel people in our own lives. You could almost swear you’ve met them all before. Many times we find love when we least expect it. People often go ‘looking for love in all the wrong places. Shannon, the author always gives people to hope.


Shannon Stone provides a compelling true-to-llfe story in all of the Shannon Stone Collection.  All her stories are difficult to put down. They are short reads and they are so refreshing. I highly recommend her series.


Shannon Stone’s books, Mask of Trust, held my interest from the first book. I wanted to know what would happen to the main person and had to keep reading. The story was interesting and realistic, with suspense and a great who done it. – just the way I like it. 

Administrative Assistant, High School

All of Shannon Stone’s books read like a true-to-life book. The author does a wonderful job of creating believable characters. It is refreshing to read a book that isn’t sugarcoated, portraying a character that is hard to relate to. Just the opposite with Shannon Stone’s books. I especially appreciate the strong message that is woven into the every story line.

teacher at Craven Elementary School

Most Unexpected Romance is one of the best short romance stores I’ve ever read. Shannon Stone gives a lesson to be learned by all.  Never judge a book by it’s cover.  It’s a very enlightening story and I enjoy it from the beginning to the end.  I highly recommend it to anyone.


I always get engrossed in the lives of the characters in all of Shannon Stone’s books. I’m never bored and always entertained.  Want a great read?  Read any of her books.  I especially enjoyed RISKY ROMANCE.


Stone’s characters are gripping and very real. I always feel compelled to keep reading, completely consumed to learn more about the story – until the end.   I read every book she writes.  

Graduate student, Yale University

RISKY ROMANCE is a powerful story about an abusive husband. I couldn’t help but cheer and cry as the characters struggled to find answers. A great read and I highly recommend it.

Junior high English teacher, Intermediate School

When I read MASK OF TRUST, I couldn’t put the book down. It held my attention right from the beginning. I had to get the next book to find out what happens. I read all three books while recovering from lung surgery. I have already ordered Shannon Stone’s newest book.  

An avid reader and member of Stone’s book club.

ROMANCE ILLUSION was a great book. What attracted me most to it is the fact that the characters were believable. Most characters in some books are so unrealistic that the story doesn’t seem real. This book seemed like a real life story, and it caught my attention — so much so that I read it one sitting. I liked it because it was short and entertaining.  

avid fiction reader of romance suspense

The content, storyline, and character development in all of Shannon Stone’s books are excellent. As a book reviewer, one thing is of utmost importance to me in recommending a book, especially romance – does it have value – did it leave me with a valuable lesson? Shannon Stone will always give you a thought provoking lesson to apply to your own life.

Book Reviewer

MASK OF TRUST. Amazing! Couldn’t put it down. A truly amazing series!  And it’s based on a true story too which makes it even more powerful.

— Janet Kramestien,
avid fiction reader, member of Shannon Stone’s book club.

I finished RISKY ROMANCE last night! Wonderful! I am not a crier, but I had a tough time holding back my tears because I could relate to the abuse. I am super excited about Stone’s the next book!!!!

abuse counselor and avid reader, member of Shannon Stone’s book club.

I read LOVE STALK over the weekend. It was short good read.  Left me with a valuable lesson.  Never a dull moment. It held my attention continuously. It is very well written and the story flows smoothly. Can’t wait to read Shannon’s new book, and I hope there will be many more to come.

retired police officer

I loved the books, MASK OF TRUST. Of particular interest to me (working in the medical profession) was the accurate depiction of the shooting and how the bullet affected his life.  The story kept me wanting more and was real a page-turner!! I’m reading book three today – I’m sure it will be a shocker!

registered nurse

I’m Shannon Stone’s VIP list, so the members get to read the books usually before anyone else does.  I love all of Stone’s books.  I just read Love Stalk and really enjoyed the ending.  I’m glad all Shannon Stone’s romance book are short because I don’t like wasting hours reading.  I like the messages Stone leaves her readers with too.  Her stories always hold my interest and can’t wait to read more of her work.

avid reader of fiction and member of Shannon Stone’s book club.

ROMANCE OF ILLUSIONS.  The only problem I had with this book is that it ended…I hope this will become a series.  A powerful book.

Administrative Assistant – College District

RISKY ROMANCE is a book that drew me inside from the very beginning.  I could not put it down. It was short and I’m glad.  The abusive husband was a bad man. I believe this is a lesson for everyone to learn. I’m grateful I read it. Definitely worth reading!!

social worker

This story was incredible! I simply fell in love with the characters.  Shannon Stone’s books quickly become my good friends. I keep them close to me.  

graduate of Westmont College, avid reader.

SHANNON STONE will engage you from the very beginning.  There is never a boring page inside her books.  I read every book she writes. I’m on her VIP list, so I get to read her books usually before others do.  I’m glad they are short reads – and the characters become so real. 

retired middle school teacher

SHANNON STONE.  Shame on you – I was glued to this book.  RISKY ROMANCE is a compelling story about an abusive husband.  Finally, she meets someone to remove her and keep her safe. The story is filled with believable characters and recognizable problems. What a great quick read!

avid reader, mother and wife, plus I’m a member of Shannon Stone’s book club.

SHANNON STONE is good at engaging the reader in an entertaining, easy to read story that is full of well-developed, likeable characters. There is always conflict in her stories because that’s what life is all about.  Many people can relate.  I always learn a lesson when I read any of Stone’s books. 

avid reader of romance suspense and member of Shannon Stone’s book club.

MASKE OF TRUST is realistic because it’s based on a true story. It has suspense and is unexpected twists. Never a dull moment! I just finished book three. Wow!

avid reader and member of Shannon Stone’s book club.

Ms. Stone’s skill lies in creating a story about the lives of people you can easily related to. She provides conflict, suspense and the romance and love.  I’m will always remain a fan of Shannon Stone’s books.  

nurse, avid reader and VIP member of Shannon Stone’s book club.

I love to read good fiction if it’s thought provoking. Ms. Stone certainly delivers every time.  I can’t wait to read her newest book.

avid reader and VIP member.

I highly recommend the books by SHANNON STONE!   I’ve discovered after reading, that nearly all of the characters in every story is well defined.  You know exactly who and what the character is about. Each one of Stone’s book has left me with a very good impression and the lessons learned are priceless. 

computer engineer, wife, mother and VIP member of Shannon Stone’s book club. 

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