Elevator Book Pitch

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Elevator Book Pitch

How to describe your book in 25 to 30 words:

Can you describe what your book is about in 25-30 words?

For those who don’t know what an elevator pitch is ….it’s a short or brief description about your product or business.  In other words, how would you describe your product or service to someone between ‘floors’ on an elevator.  It had better be short and to the point.

In this case, how to describe your book in a short 25 – 30 word phrase.  Today I’d like to explain how to write the perfect 25 – 30 word pitch for your book, what you use this for, and why it’s so important.  I’d like to start with the WHY.

If your mind goes blank or your brain goes into frustration mode when someone asks you the description of your book…then you’re in trouble.  The reason is;  you do not know the answer.

You must be able to quickly spout off a description of your book in 25 to 30 words…..without a 2nd thought.

A powerful 25 – 30 word pitch for your book or book series makes all these phases far easier than you can imagine.

  • The FIRST STEP is to step away from the emotional investment you made in the book and see it for what it is. Get to the core of the story and don’t worry so much about explaining the whys and wherefores of the plot. Forget about making sure the reader understands WHY YOU WROTE the story, and focus on WHY THEY’LL WANT TO READ the story. This means taking a completely different look at this elevator pitch.
  • THE SECOND STEP is to understand that your 25 – 30 word pitch is your branding and the anchor for all your queries, pitches, review requests, book event venue requests, and promotions … it’s the phrase that will identify your book as a unique story . It’s the book BRAND.
  • THE THIRD STEP is to know how to write a really good 25-30 word pitch. It’s not what you think. It’s not a collection of 25 words that tells about your story. It’s much, MUCH more. There are three things that must be in your 25 – 30 word pitch.

    1) the genre – WITHOUT actually saying the genre. 2) the audience that will love this story.
    3) the story. It’s not necessary to use the title in this elevator pitch, as it will always appear with the title or the book cover art.

    It is, however, extremely important that this 25 – 30 word pitch read as well as the writing in your book. It can’t be choppy or just one long run-on sentence. Those who hear or read the pitch must instantly know that you’re a good writer and they will probably enjoy the book.

    Here are two examples of really good 25-30 word pitches. Within the pitch you can identify the genre, understand the target audience, and be intrigued by the story.

    PITCH 1) A young attorney meets a gorgeous emergency room nurse who’s mission is to get revenge on men who condone and encourage the crimes of her past.

    PITCH 2) A very pretty and gentle housewife believes she’s trapped in a volatile and highly abusive marriage until she meets a young doctor who helps her escape and changes her life forever.

    Write YOUR 25 – 30 word pitch. It will sever you well and will increase your book sales.

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