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Sonny endured many heartaches and tragedies throughout his life, but he has also created several rewarding achievements and many of his experiences are reflected in his writings.

In his younger years, Sonny established a bodyguard protective service that mainly protected certain people at special events plus those within clubs, etc

While exploring Las Vegas, Sonny created an entertainment management company called SONCO Entertainment. This company managed bands and single artists in the Las Vegas, Nevada area.  It came with many fun and rewarding times plus several disappointments.

Under SONCO Entertainment management group, one of the bands was fortunate to audition for Capitol Records, which is a big victory.

It’s Time to Retire Again  . . . Finally.

In 2012, he was almost murdered by someone who was regarded as a trusted “friend”. This person secretly planned to murder him and rob Sonny of his life-savings.  A well-planned crime, except he survived.  His life was turned UPSIDE down and he was financially crushed.  The predator quickly rushed into hiding and was never seen again.

Sonny was hospitalized for 11 days and his life-savings and retirement funds were wiped out.  He hopes to one day return to Idaho to live a peaceful life surrounded by peaceful people.

“A man without regrets is a man without character.”  Overcoming adversity builds character.

Sonny believes that life is about the choices we make. Every time we make a choice – we’re also choosing a path. This path will lead us somewhere. It could be fun and joyful or full of pain and suffering. Sonny is always grateful for his better choices.  Think before you choose and always be kind to others.

Sonny is approaching retirement age now while he remains faithful to his passion, author, and the marketing of his websites.   Most of his books are about self-improvement, survival, romance, inspiration and life-experiences.  He publishes all books under pen names.

Roller Coaster . . .

Sonny said, “My life has been like riding a crazy roller coaster ride. I’ve had many surprises, ups and downs and exciting twists and turns.”

Sonny is optimistic about his future, no matter how many years he has left to enjoy.

Sonny has a variety of interests.  His main interests include;  writing, self-improvement, spirituality, meditation, nutrition, exercise and studying the art of being self-reliant with an emphasis on cooking healthy nutritious meals.

Contact Sonny anytime:  SonnyWhite99@gmail.com


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