Hollywood Predators


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Who’s Who?  For the First Time, You will Discover Who the REAL Hollywood Predators are and Where They are Hiding.

“You’ll NEVER look at your favorite celebrity the same way again.” -Anonymous

Through much research, investigations, and personal contacts, the author exposes Hollywood Predators. In other words, the “Sins” of celebrities and entertainers plus those of history.

The author leaves nothing to the imagination.  The sexual abuse and satanic rituals that many young celebrities must endure in order to further their careers are “unthinkable”.

I dare you to read this startling book and find out for yourself, the crimes, child sex abuse, rapes, and sexual perversions that go on almost daily inside the sleazy Hollywood executive mansions. You’ll never look at your favorite entertainer the same way again.

“Hollywood Predators” covers the sexual desires and sexual DEVIANCES of a host of various Hollywood stars, entertainers, and other famous people.

  • Hollywood Pedophiles – actors, actresses and others
  • Victims of Hollywood Pedophiles
  • Satanic Rituals that still happen today
  • Sexual abuse that entertainers must endure in order to enter the occult Hollywood “club”.
  • Most Hollywood Celebs are NOT who they pretend to be . . . don’t forget they are professional “liars”.
  • Discover behind the scenes secrets
  • Hollywood Child Sex Trafficking

As the author of this book, please do not blame me for the actions of others. I’m ONLY the messenger. Yes, there are many shocking and disgusting details inside the book. If you’re disgusted by the actions of your favorite celebrities, then you’re NOT alone.

I certainly did not create this book to make enemies. My mission for this book is to put a LIGHT on the DARK side of Hollywood.  Yes, Hollywood is not only an illusion, but your favorite actors and actresses “Lives” are also an illusion as well. They are NOT who you think they are!

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✓  Bisexual female celebrities (revealed)
✓  Bisexual actors (revealed) most are secret
✓  Celebrity Chaos (nearly all the time)
✓  Nasty Celebrities.  Celebrity sex lives (revealed)
✓  Rich and Famous Sex Lives (revealed)
✓  Celebrity Troubles – it appears to never end.

“I knew there were lots of Hollywood creeps but didn’t know most were the ones I really enjoyed.”  -Anonymous

I almost did not insert much of the disgusting details about “Hollywood”, but I promised to be transparent in everything I know and discover.  

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