Hotwifing is an erotic sexual relationship – usually a man and a woman. The husband enjoys watching and or participating when his wife is having sex with another man. This experience does not involve humiliation. The husband gets the sexual thrill of watching his lovely wife in action and the wife benefits from experiencing a variety of lovers.

For this couple – it is a Win-Win. The eBook explores in-depth the Hotwife Lifestyle. A powerful 9-Step-Program is used to introduce Hotwifing to the man’s wife. The sensitive subject of “hotwife” is not used and the husband NEVER needs to persuade his wife. The 9-Step-Program will casually convert your lovely woman into a sizzling hotwife. The program was first tested on 21 men – 20 of the 21 wives became hotwives sooner than expected.

Usually, Hotwifing is a man’s fantasy – but it could be a woman’s fantasy as well. We also provide our own sexy hotwifing experiences for your reading pleasure.

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