At least 50 people murdered by killer

At least 50 people were murdered by KILLER and 53 injured after a gunman opened fire at the Pulse gay nightclub in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Killer Was Shot and Killed by Police After
He Already Murdered 50 people.

It’s being reported that NONE of these people were able to defend themselves.

It appears nobody in the club was armed or kept the shooter from hurting or shooting as many people as he wished.  Check out all the photos of the victims.  

One minute these people are vibrant living human beings, the next minute they were dead.

Our society can be less dangerous and people can help each other more than they know.  Every community has their percentage of criminals and sociopaths, however, adding in the extra terrorist factor, our communities may become utter chaos and mayhem.

The Orland shooting is ONE more example of how our police are unable to protect most people at any given time.  We must learn to defend ourselves or get hurt or possibly die at the hands of a ruthless killer.

Guns do not kill people….people kill people.  Thousands of people could be killed or murdered in the near future if we do not act now!

It appears that several hundred people watched in ‘horror’ as their friends were slaughtered.  Did you know you can get your own concealed weapons permit online that is good in 28 states?   You never have to leave home. IF only one person in the club had a gun during the Orlando shooting, then maybe many lives could have been saved.  It’s just a thought.

Thomas P Crenshaw has written a tell-all eBook called, “If You Act Like a Sheep, then You’ll Be Eaten By Wolves”.  The author illustrates how our society is sitting ducks or “sheep” for wanna-be attackers and killers.

Mr. Crenshaw also discusses the phenomenon of sheep. They will also sit back and watch as a member of their flock is attacked and savagely eaten in front of them.

Discover how to protect yourself, your loves ones and our communities.  Available now.