Who is Lucifer

Description: The eBook, “Who is Lucifer” spells out several belief systems in our world today. Seldom do people talk or write about Lucifer – it is almost as though he does not exist. The truth is; those who do FOLLOW Lucifer would rather you believe he IS non-existent.

Evil works best in the dark. Corruption, theft, and murder often occur in secrecy under the veil of darkness. Secret organizations are secret for a reason. There are approx. 30 million Luciferians in our world. Yes, they worship the Devil, Satan, Lucifer (all one and the same).

If you’re curious about why there are so many wars, unnecessary deaths, millions of LIES, and deception, then look no further. This eBook is a must-read – it will clear up much confusion and give insight into our world today.

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