Have You Been Deceived?

Lucifer, Satan or the Devil are one in the same. Lucifer is the DECEIVER. He is the master of lies and deception. Are you feeling the inversion yet?

What most people do not know – there are over 30 MILLION people who worship Lucifer. It doesn’t matter if you believe in Satan or Lucifer – but THEY DO! It will benefit you greatly if you know the belief system of ‘LUCIFERIANS”.

These people live secret lives and seldo promote Satism. Luciferians worship Satan in secret. There are Luciferian cults all over the world. The worst part is; Most of our most influencial people in government, CEOs of large corporations and even much of Hollywood. When you know about Lucifer and discover ‘his’ massive war machine, then the corruption in our world will become more clear.

Lucifer, the book, is easy to read and the book is laid out so anyone can understand HOW Lucifer came to existence according to Luciferians. The story of Lucifer is not revealed in the Christian Bible. Luciferians believe Lucifer and Eve created Cain. Eve and Adam created Abel. Who killed Abel? Yes, CAIN! Discover many more Luciferian secrets.

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