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How to Make Your Amazon Link Shorter

Or you could share with them the URL that’s sitting in your address bar. You know, something like this:

Or you could share something short and sweet:

Or you could give them a catchy short link like this:

2 Ways to the Slightly Cryptic Short Link (

Way #1

On every product page on Amazon, there will be a small share widget. Sometimes it appears in the sidebar on the right under the various ‘buy it now!’ buttons. It will say ‘Share’ with 4 different icons – Email, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.

Click on ‘Share’ or the Email icon. A window should pop up prompting you to share it. Look for where it says ‘Link’. There’s your link! Just copy it and then you can close that pop up.

Paste and share that link wherever you want!

Way #2

The secret about that link is this;B01BWDZS64  . . . this goes after the slash? That’s your ASIN. Your unique Amazon product number. So if you know that, you can just substitute that in.


It’s listed in Product Details on your book’s Amazon page – “Bookshelf”

The Way to the Prettier, More Memorable Short Link (

The short urls are coming from a service called

Step 1: Sign up for an account at It’s a quick registration, free, and it doesn’t even require an Email verification.

Step 2: Look for the happy pufferfish in the upper right corner, imploring you to paste your URL.

Step 3: What URL do you want to paste? You can paste the really long Amazon URL, the short URL, or even a URL that has your Amazon Associates affiliate link in it. Choose the one you want and paste it.

Step 4: It’s created a short link for you! It will probably say You can use it.

Step 5:  A small pencil icon indicating you can edit the URL. Go ahead. These shorturls are shared throughout the network.  You can only use a link that nobody else uses. Choose something short, memorable, related to your book, but unique.

BONUS! This / method will work for your Amazon author page as well.

Short URLs! Useful for more than just Twitter! Share them with all your friends, followers, and fans!

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