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Many authors believe they must wait until their ebook or book is published before they start doing any promotions or marketing.

First of all there is a major difference between Marketing and Promotion.   Marketing is simply about making more people aware of your product or ebook/book.   You should start marketing and letting people know your ebook or book is COMING SOON!

Create excitement about your coming eBook. Very similar to the way the movie industry spreads the word about a movie that will be released in the coming months.  They are still working on the movie, but they release the “trailers” out to the theatres a few months before the movie is available.

Authors, often confuse marketing with promotions – which is the activity around when you sell a product. Marketing is NOT publicity, which is using the media to create sales. Marketing is NOT advertising, which is a purchased ad to sell your product.

Marketing is simply CREATING AWARENESS and CONNECTIONS between you, your book, and the people.  You do this with the unique hooks generated about your ebook or book.

ou create this awareness by word of mouth, on social networks, visually with Instagram and Pinterest, through blogging and connecting with bloggers.

Without creating this awareness before you release your ebook is basically like shouting into the wilderness … “My book is available! Come buy it!”

Unfortunately no one is listening because you’ve made no connections.  Never wait until your book is available to create awareness for it. Start early to help encourage more sales and more happy readers.  You’ll be glad you did.

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