Mask of Trust – Series 1

I wrote “Mask of Trust” after talking to a man I met.  I interviewed him and his story is shocking.  I more or less allowed him to write this book in his own words. I wanted you to know his shocking story of BETRAYAL from the horses mouth.  


“These kinds of predators are those who are intelligent, clever, easy-going, gracious, polite, gregarious, and humorous. They are often very likable and strangely enough can make you believe they are also lovable. Once a person is in the deep psychological grips of a psychopathic bond, it’s sometimes difficult to see the truth. ‘

Get ready to be shocked when you learn about the Ultimate Most Coldblooded Betrayal – Ever! 

You’re right, I was shocked and it is scary, but I learned how to protect myself now.

  I’m glad I read this book – it has given many foods for thought.

 I never would have thought what the ultimate betrayal would be – what a shocker!!!

 I feel so bad for this man.  His best friend did the ultimate betrayal.  Thank you for showing everyone how to avoid such a tragedy.

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