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I joined the Truth Seeker movement many years ago and have not stopped. I’ve collected several other reliable truth-seeking mentors whom I often rely on when I need the best truth possible.  

You’re in good hands. My mission is to bring you and others as much TRUTH as possible. Bringing awareness to others is my life’s work. Join my list of truth-seekers and receive my thrilling VIP updates. Many of my resources come from creditable whistleblowers in many areas and I use the Tor browser that runs beneath what “you” normally see. Google is only 20% of the Internet. The other 80% is hidden on the deep dark web.  This is where most of the secrets are located.

I provide bundle “discounts” for my readers.  Enjoy!

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Max Truman

these Powerful eBOOKS!

The Truth Exposed – BIG LIES! This compelling eBook will reveal all the big lies we’ve been told for hundreds of years. Historians LIE to us! The Politicians LIE to us! Teachers and Univ. Educators LIE to us! The FBI and CIA LIE to us! Doctors and the medical establishment LIE to us! Preachers and the Pope LIE to us! Scientists and NASA LIE to us! The Truths are all exposed! Get it now!

Celebrities and Their Perversions. Who’s Who in Hollywood. Yes, this eBook will uncover in great detail all the perversions of celebrities and famous people. Pedophilia, Bisexuality, Homosexuality, Transgenders, Child Sex Abuse, Satanic Rituals. It’s all here folks. Nothing is left out!

Child Kidnappings. Over ONE MILLION or more children disappear every year in America alone. Where do they go? What happens to them? Discover all about underground tunnels, satanic pedophiles, and other shocking discoveries. Remember, I’m only the messenger!

Stupid Famous People. This humorous and shocking eBook will reveal many really STUPID things famous people have said and DONE! Also, the eBook exposes their REAL ages of celebrities plus hundreds of secrets. A must-read!

Who is Lucifer? There are thousands of books written about God and Jesus – but seldom do you discover facts about Lucifer! End the confusion of life and discover why there is so much chaos, wars, and diseases in our world. There are SECRETLY over 30,000 million Luciferians in our world. They worship SATAN. Lucifer/Satan hates humanity. Get the TRUTH!

I have given permission for Empower 777 to provide my best sellers at a low discounted price. Reg. $45. All (5) eBooks for only $20. A great bargain! (save about $25!) You may order on this website with Paypal. My books are also available on other platforms at regular prices.

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