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Ok . . . you worked hard and now it’s time to release your ebook or book to the world.  What do you do? Yes, Amazon is a great place to showcase,  but there is more.   How would you like MEDIA to get news of it and allow them to also bring your book attention?  The first thing you need to do is to write an engaging press release.  There are lots of “how-to” do press release stuff on the Internet….just google it.

Here’s a few hints:
  • A press release is a news story.
  • It is written in third person.
  • It has a catchy title and intro, an engaging discussion of the book’s topic.
  • It contains at least one quote.
  • The thing to remember is that a press release is a story.
  • What the book is about, why it is significant, and how it came to be written are all important components of a press release.


  • There are many templates for press releases online. (Type “press release book release” into a search.) Read the releases that have been distributed by publishing houses as well as the templates.
  • Don’t forget your local paper. Local authors are celebrities!
  • Don’t wait until the last minute. If your local paper, for example, would like to include a photo, or get some quotes, you will need to give them sufficient advance notice – at least a couple of weeks.
  • Most press release services charge a hefty fee  – for distribution to thousands of media channels that exist in print, on air, and on the net.
  • Believe it or not, there are a few that are FREE, and some only charge a nominal fee.
  • Below are 17 press release services that are FREE. We have also included paid services for broader distribution.  Not only will a comparison give you an idea of how broadly your release can be distributed, it will let you know exactly where.Below is a great article comparing the effectiveness of different press release services.

    60 Free Press Release Sites Tested – A Detailed Review

    * An asterisk means registration is required.

    Free Services

    1 NPR
    PR Log   * Free press release distribution service
    3   *
    Free Press Release * Online distribution to search engines
    5 Press Box (UK) *
    6 Newswire * Free and paid services.
    7 Open PR * German site
    8 Free Press Release Center * European site
    9 UK Prwire * UK news only
    10 Free Press Index *
    11 PR Urgent *
    12 Press Exposure *
    13 PR Mac * Listing on website, distribution to email list only. Offers paid services for broader distribution.
    14 Online PR News * Appears on Google News. Offers paid services for broader distribution.
    15 PR Fire * Based in UK
    16 PR-Inside *
    17 Big *

    Paid services

    PR Underground Offers syndication to 100+ News Sites. Very affordable at $39
    Newswire * The paid service has a wide reach. Not cheap.
    Pressat UK based, quite comprehensive. Plans start at £110

E-releases * Plans range from $249-$499. More pricey plans guarantee distribution to hundreds of news outlets.

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