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Our Empower Reviewer’s Club is for anyone who is dependable and reliable – if so, then we would like you to join us.  Authors work hard and obviously look forward to happy and satisfied fans and reviews.   

As a member of the Reviewer team, you can receive unique FREE empowering eBooks. The eBooks might be about Romance Thrillers, How-To, Conspiracy facts, Financial Secrets, Erotic and more.

This is how it works:

#1. You’ll receive a FREE copy of an eBook (PDF). Most eBooks are usually short reads.  However, you do not need to finish the eBook in order to provide a review, simply reveal the benefits you experienced so far.

#2.  We ask reviewers to please leave a review within 5 days of receiving the eBook.  It’s simple to leave a review for eBooks on Amazon or other platforms.  A special review link will be provided for you.

Sample Reviews:   

  • The author wrote a compelling book and I really enjoyed it. It made me cry and it made me laugh.  I loved it.
  • Yes, I enjoyed the book a great deal. I could certainly relate to many issues and gives me much to ponder.
  • Hi – I highly recommend this book to others. It was a pleasure to read.

Our team of reviewers are on the inside track of author projects, dreams, and aspirations. We appreciate our reviewers very much.

We value our eBook reviewers and we hope you place value on the efforts of the authors.  We take your free membership into the Empower Reviewer Club very seriously. We are happy to follow up and thank you for providing a review or if you forgot – help remind you.

We look forward to welcoming you
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