Romantic Illusions

Shannon Stone, the author of “Romantic Illusions” – brings more awareness to the sex slave industry.  Human trafficking is a horrific industry and it affects nearly every city in America.  This fast-paced mysterious crime story will take you on many twist and turns and the journey will find a shocking ending leaving you with thoughts to ponder.

Our world is full of people who “think” they are doing the right thing.  People all over the world want to do the right thing, but very people have a chance.  What would happen if they acted on their thoughts?

Child Sex Trafficking is a huge billion dollar industry right here in AMERICA!  According to FBI, there are over 2,000 children per day who disappear in America alone.  Most of the children are sold to pedophiles and into the billion dollar sex trade industry. Most of these children are never seen again. THEY ARE GONE.  What happens to them?

The Child Sex Slavery Industry is alive and well in this country.  Shannon Stone brings more awareness to this corrupt and evil industry that exists here in America.

Shannon Stone has written other very powerful romance thrillers that are enjoyed by many.

Shannon Stone, Romantic Illusions, a fast-paced thriller.  A story full of suspense and intrigue.  It’s a story you’ll never forget, I promise!  Pick up a copy on Amazon today!

romantic illusions - sex slave