Shannon Stone – Collection

Shannon Stone
Romance Thriller Collection

Below is my collection of Romance Novellas.  Enjoy!

Love Stalker (Description) The story is about a man who stalks a beautiful woman until he becomes the STALKEE. The woman he is stalking is hiding from her Illuminati crime family.  The woman meets the stalker – after many twists and turns, they fall in love. The crime family tries to keep them apart. It’s one shocking event after another.

Broke Lovers (Description) The story is about two future lovers who pretend to be successful – they both find out they are both broke. Both of them are hustling and conning each other – a great ending.

Risky Romance (Description) The story starts with a beautiful young wife who lives with a dangerous and abusive husband. He beats her and verbally assaults her daily. She feels trapped in her marriage. She meets her prince, who helps her to escape.  A fast-paced thriller.

Romance Predator (Description) The story is about a predator of women. They fall in love with him, and they mysterious commit suicide. A sister of one of the suicide women vows to find this predator and get revenge.  A shocking twist of events happens. 

Romancing the Mirror (Description) The story is about a woman who is emotionally handicapped due to the many scars on her body. She covers them well. She meets an ex-soldier who also hides his handicapped prosthesis. They fall in love and eventually reveal their handicaps—a very gentle touching love story.

How I Met My Cowboy (Description) The story is about a professional IT programmer who lives in the high-tech computer world with very elite associates. She groomed herself to meet the perfect man. However, she meets a cowboy and is shocked when he reveals his past. He’s far from perfect—a story of unconditional love.

A Crazy Love Story (Description) The story is about a young 26 yr old woman. She’s intelligent, and she’s gorgeous. She meets a man who is naive about the call girl profession. She hides her profession for fear of being rejected. What happens when she exposes her real life is beyond his comprehension. The story has a dangerous twist.

ZEEK (Description) The story is about a kidnapped woman by a group of hardened outlaws. They kidnapped her for a reason, and it wasn’t for sex. She finds herself confronted in one of their capers, and an FBI uncovers guy saves the day.  A love story that wasn’t expected.



What do readers say?

“If you’ve not read Shannon’s ebooks, then you’re truly missing out.  They are, without a doubt, the most enjoyable “reads” ever. ”    -Carol Madison

“I read one thrilling and sexy ebook after another.  I couldn’t stop – they all are very entertaining. I love each and every one of Shannon Stone’s ebooks.”  – Suzanne Meyers

“I always recommend my friends to read Shannon’s ebooks because there is never a dull moment.  Her stories move fast and there is always a surprise.”   -Theresa Cross

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