Hi, It’s me, Sierra James

I write mostly steamy “hot” bedtime stories for men and women. They are fun to write and more fun when I know you’re reading them. Here is ONE bundle low price for a few of them. I priced them so low they will be irresistible to you.

The Stud (one, two, and three) are three stories about Matt Taylor. He’s a handyman in a small town and there are several small towns just a few miles away. HIS handiwork comes in handy, especially with the ladies. He’s a soft-spoken man and is only aggressive as the women want him to be. Matt is well hung and knows how to keep his mouth shut. You will be highly aroused when you read all about his sexy adventures.

Sinfully Naughty (one, two, and three) is about the sexy adventures of steamy hot women whom you would never expect to be so naughty. Take a sexy journey – you never know where you might end up.

Pleasure Toy is a series of highly erotic stories about a young woman who hides her naughty sexuality. She’s a rich man’s daughter and she is spoiled. She has the money to explore and she loves to be a pleasure toy for powerful men and even those who are not so rich or powerful. She just loves sex.

VICTIM is about a child who was kidnapped and tossed into the horrific child sex trade business. She was rapped at night nearly 30,000 times until she was almost 16 yrs old. Note: There are no scenes of child sex abuse in this ebook. She grows up to be a gorgeous woman who can arouse any man – any time. What she does with these men is what you should find out. Quite shocking. Warning: This ebook is not for the timid. The title Victim has also been Vigilante and Romantic Illusions.

I provided a very low bundle price for all the Empower 777 fans. You get all 10 of my most erotic eBooks for Reg. $40. Low-low bargain price of only $20. What a bargain, huh? Thanks in advance and let me know how you enjoyed them. I would love to hear from you. Pay with PayPal on this website (instant PDF eBooks) You can still purchase my ebooks on Amazon one at a time.

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