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Cassie James

Cassie James is an author. Her book is called “How to Live in a Van for Women”.  Cassie once worked a hustle-bustle life. She decided she wanted a simpler life.  She admits she was inspired by Homeless Harry and Ted and Marci who also reveal their van life stories. She gives a different perspective – van life for WOMEN and she focuses on how women can easily be Van lifers.

Carlton Mathews

Carlton Mathews is a researcher, author and LIFE COACH.  He enjoys helping people improve their lives in many ways.  Spiritually, Financially, Relationships, Survival and Health.  These are his main topics.  His fan enjoys his writing because he writes in easy to understand language. Everyone can understand what he is conveying to the reader.  You’ll love Mr. Mathew’s books.

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Zachary McAuthor

The Go-To Guy For Unique Money Making Ideas and Concepts

Zachary McAuthor is a consultant, researcher, and author. He has an amazing staff of people who assist his efforts in discovering unique ‘moneymaking’ ideas that will improve the lives of thousands of people.  His fans enjoy the easy-to-learn methods.

The best part is; none of his money-getting methods require advanced education or skills and nearly all can be started with a low budget or zero money.  Virtually anyone can earn fast easy money.  Zack says, “People make making money too difficult. There are trillions of dollars in the world – just go get you some of it! Legally of course.”

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Thomas P. Crenshaw – TruthSeeker

The Truthseeking movement is gaining momentum and many lies are being revealed as time goes on.  We’ve been told thousands of lies.  Who Lies to us?

Let’s start with POLITICIANS -every time they open their shady mouths. How about the Medical and Scientific profession?  Oh, how about Teachers and University educators?  Let’s not forget HISTORIANS.

Sierra James

Sierra James is an author – she lives in the United States of America and she writes erotic romance novelas.  Her novelas are not for the timid.  Her stories are intended to arouse the senses and to live vicariously through her characters. If you enjoy erotic stories, then Sierra James is the author for you.  She has a great collection.  Visit her page now and view her sexy eBook covers and descriptions. She also reveals her low bundle price too.  

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