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What makes a Female Vigilante?

Thousands of victims of crimes go without any justice at all. It can leave the victim empty with thoughts of revenge. The heinous crimes in our society are sometimes beyond comprehension. However, they happen every day. Some criminals are convicted and locked in cages.

However, most criminals use our cities as their private playgrounds and move about freely without any justice for their victims. There are many criminal kingpins in each major city.

Who defines a criminal act? Who decides right and wrong? Should the public play judge and jury? Would our society be safer without certain predators lurking inside our cities, towns, and communities?

Who’s a predator, and who isn’t? Again, who decides? Of course, we would be safer without certain people, but who decides who is dangerous to society and who isn’t? 

Remember, the classic movie called “Death Wish”.  A man becomes a vigilante after three men robbed and rapped his daughter and his wife in their own home.  He avenged his daughter and wife’s death and purposely placed himself in high crime situations – waiting for a criminal to try to rob or kill him.  They had no idea – he was a vigilante and their life would end soon.

Experts say that most psychopaths are born without empath or sympathy for other living things.  To a psychopath, killing a person is like you or I stepping on a blade of grass. 

The psychopath does not feel any remorse for their murders or evil deeds.  So, do psychopaths, who kill, deserve to live in our societies?   Do those who harm and sexually abuse children deserve to live in our societies?  Should they live at all?

Some law enforcement officers, judges, celebrities, and politicians are customers of child sex traffickers. Who should we trust? Who do we trust not to harm our children or us?

What if there were vigilantes who sought out hardened criminals, child sex abusers, and killers?  What if these vigilantes became judge, jury, and executioners?  Would this be wrong? 

Child Sex Trafficking has been in existence for many years all across the USA and other parts of the world. What if there were hundreds of people who assist and are compliant with these acts?

Life after sexual abuse is a reality and millions of children grow up with memories of rage.  Many sexually abused children grow up and abuse others as well.

Recently it has become a hot subject due to the high numbers of children being abducted and smuggled into the USA from our southern border.

Drugs used to be the big profit maker for drug dealers. However, they have quickly discovered that human trafficking is much more prosperous.  It’s surprising why there aren’t many female vigilantes in our world.

Each child is rapped and rented for sex several hundred times or even thousands of times. The ages of children being abused and trafficked are anywhere from 3 years to about 16. (Boys and girls).

Pedophiles have an insatiable sexual appetite for children. These sad children can only survive by obeying their handlers. Handlers treat sex slaves as a business. The more money the child sex slave earns – the better they are treated. 

Many children are killed or die within only one or two years after they begin their heinous life as child sex slaves. 

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