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Why Are Survival Skills Important?

Get Empowered!


The #1 reason it is incredibly important is this; it benefits you to learn survival skills is a matter of life and death.

Face it – most people do not know how to survive without a grocery store or 911.

It is becoming more and more apparent that survival methods must be (at least) known. Naturally, it would be best to practice a few of them. Most people do not know the simplest of survival skills, such as assisting an almost drowning victim, taking care of a severe wound, or what to do if a gun is put to your head?

Teaching survival is nothing new. However, 99% of the people still do not know how to survive if they were required.  Experts say, “If people had no electricity or grocery stores closed and no restaurants were available, then 90% of people in the city would starve to death.”  If the water is not fit to drink, most people will die of thirst within 30 days. Think about this? Would you survive?

Fortunately, people are starting to wake up. It would be best if you learned how to take care of yourself and your family. Get empowered – learn how to survive! It has become apparent the government will not take care of society – you must stop depending on your local or federal government to save you. 

If you are of the mind-set that your government and corporations will take care of you – then think again! This type of mind-set can be horrific for you and your family.

You can no longer rely on the government, corporations, or the medical establishment to take care of a large population in need.  It is up to us to learn survival skills.  We must discover the skills involved in living in the city and the Wilderness. We must know how to find or create clean water and how to grow food. 

Our attitudes must change when it comes to survival. In the past, people have made fun of preppers – now people are discovering that maybe “preppers” were not so weird after all.

  • Do you know how to survive during or after a National Disaster? 
  • Do you know how to survive in a Fire Storm?
  • Do you know how to survive an EMP attack?
  • Would you survive a giant flood?
  • Do you know how to survive without a Grocery Store?
  • Do you know how to survive in the Wilderness?
  • Will you survive without Electricity for heat or cooling?
  • Can you build a shelter if you require it?
  • Do you know how to tie knots?  Most people do not.
  • Do you know how to protect yourself from many types of illnesses?
  • Do you know how to defend yourself and your family?
  • Will YOU survive without TV, the news, or any communication?

Are you a “Sheeple?”

Those were just a few questions you need to ask yourself. There is no reason for you to be called a “Sheeple.” Did you know that sheep grazing in pastures will stand and watch while one or two of their sheep friends are being attacked and eaten by wolves? This is a FACT.

Sheep are not survivors – they will do NOTHING but watch other sheep be attacked and eaten. This is why millions of people are called “Sheeple.”  Part sheep – part people. They stand and watch while others are attacked and die.

Learning survival skills to protect you and your family is essential for every human being on earth. This is not the time to depend on others. Be a survivalist and more self-reliant.

Get empowered – learn survival skills here.