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Self-Reliance means different things to different people. When a person is self-reliant it means they usually take matters into their own hands. They solve problems without the assistance of others. Self-reliance to some people means maturity and independence.

Some people go the extra mile. They refuse to take loans from bankers and they save the interest money. They discover there are a variety of ways to survive and get what you need without borrowing money at high-interest rates. They prefer a debt-free life. They are not beholding to any man.

Some people believe that working a job is being reliant on a company to pay them for their time. Many people are discovering how to master their life without working a 40 to 50 hour a week job. They are learning there are ways to create a cash flow without selling their time. Time is the most valuable asset any human owns. Why? Because humans only live once on earth and it is for a limited time. Most people sell their precious and valuable time for pennies. Get Empowered!

Some people prefer to live off-grid. They do not want to rely on local utility companies or corporations. They prefer to be totally independent. The new trend is called Homesteading.

The more knowledge a person has about the “world” and the more knowledge he/she has concerning survival, then the more self-reliant he can be. Being self-reliant is EMPOWERING. The trick is to be independent and only become dependent in the case of an emergency. People should not suffer – always ask for help.

Humanity and man-kind are on earth to help each other when required. Many of us will eventually require the expert knowledge and skills of others. However, reciprocation is almost always a must. If someone helps you in a variety of ways, then it is only right to reciprocate with favors or something of value.

Educate yourself on survival skills. It could mean the difference between life and death. Survival skills will also save the life of a loved one. Never underestimate the skills of survival. These skills are invaluable!

The best part is; if you’re strong and self-reliant you may be in a position where you can be of assistance when a fellow-human being requires your assistance. Help can arrive in a variety of forms.

At the end of the day, you should be even with
all men on earth. “Owe no man nothing.”