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what is a Conspiracy?

A conspiracy is defined: When two or more people conspire together to commit a crime. This is called a conspiracy to commit one or more crimes.

The CIA invented the term Conspiracy Theory. If anyone did not believe the “one” bullet and “lone” gunmen premise, then they were labeled as Conspiracy theorists and they were to be discounted. As we know, the CIA and other authorities LIED to the American people about the JFK assassination. Do you think the CIA has changed its evil ways? THINK AGAIN!

The word CONSPIRACY is a real word. There are Conspiracy FACTS as well. This is something the CIA and others do not want you to realize. It’s called the TRUTH.

Almost any major world event and might be at least one conspiracy theory to explain it. The list is almost endless: the Apollo moon landings were faked, 9/11 was an inside job, climate change is a hoax, JFK was assassinated by the CIA, the earth is flat, the pharmaceutical industry is suppressing a cure for cancer, vaccines cause autism, Princess Diana was murdered by the royal family, Barak Obama was born in Kenya and is secretly a Muslim, the world is ruled by lizards. Many of these “theories” – the word is used in its colloquial sense rather than the strict scientific one, they should really be called “conspiracy hypotheses” – concern matters of science or medicine.

It is easy to dismiss conspiracy theories as unhinged beliefs held by a small number of paranoid idiots, but that seriously underestimates them. Belief in conspiracy theories is very widespread, the product of normal human psychology, and extremely influential and dangerous.

Remember, any time the Media labels an idea, rumor or fact a Conspiracy Theory, then it could be wise to assume the opposite is true.  This could be a great gage to know what is true and what is false information.  We live in an information war.  Another great way to find out what is true or not is to discover WHO or WHAT is calling the information a theory. Follow the money trail. Ask yourself who would benefit if “I” believe the INFO is theory or fact.