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Living on wheels

The Nomad RV/Van life is a concept that adults of all ages are jumping on. The RV/van life is a freedom lifestyle. It removes the hassles of living a traditional “keep up with Jone’s Lifestyle.” The nomadic lifestyle is gaining in popularity beyond anyone’s imagination.

Terminology & Vocabular

Vandwelling – used to describe the lifestyle of living in a converted vehicle. Mainly used for vans as the word suggests. Although, the term can apply to a wide variety of converted vehicles.

Vandweller(s) – used to describe a lifestyle of someone who lives part-time or full-time in a wide variety of converted vehicles including vans, RV’s, busses, trucks, etc..

Part-time vandwellers – living on the road on weekends & holidays only, while also keeping your current place of residence.

Full-time vandwellers – permanently living your life on the road, and not returning home.

Nomad(s) – describes a person roaming from place to place frequently with no fixed residence.

Wanderlust – a strong desire or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world.

Vagabond – a person who travels often with no settled home.

Conversion – the act of transforming a normal vehicle into a livable home on wheels.

“Home is where you park it” – a very popular saying within the community.

Hippie – someone who has rejected conventional (normal) ways of living.

Home on wheels – describes the home of a vandweller.


Van life has been blowing up on social media lately. This number is only expected to grow at a rapid rate.

Many vanlifers have been documenting their entire journeys on Instagram, making the platform the most popular social network for vanlifers. A lot of vandwellers have been given, or even taken (in most cases) the opportunity of being sponsored or interviewed by huge brands and businesses.

This nomadic lifestyle no longer has its negative connotation. It is gaining popularity among many groups of people.

Lifestyle of a RV/ Van Lifer

As a person or couple who LIVES ON WHEELS, you usually go to sleep at night not knowing what the next day has waiting for you.  This is the excitment and the lifestyle so many thousands of people enjoy.

The freedom rv/van life is a dream come true for many people. So many people are now dreaming of this lifestyle. What they do not know is that is very possible and it can be accomplished very quickly.

People are waking up – they no longer want to work a job that only makes someone else rich. They no longer want to take orders!

You are able to fulfill your dreams and desires while traveling the world, stress-free, with convenience and ease.

Living the Dream

The rv/van life gives you the capability of being able to do what you want, when you want, and how you want. You no longer need to go through the headache of worrying about daily stressful routines.

Van life will consistently inspire you to continue living your dream. These are the many reasons people choose to LIVE ON WHEELS.

  • Travel the country. See all parts of the country if you wish.
  • No boring routines – do what you want to do.
  • Enjoy your life without the stress of a job.
  • Earn money when you want.
  • Create your own budget.
  • Experience all the great landmarks and scenic locations
  • No more house maintenance – no lawns to mow – no more busted pipes.
  • Flexibility is the name of the game.
  • Discover how less is actually more. Most people are brainwashed into thinking they must HAVE and WANT – this mindset turns people into slaves for others.


With a simplistic lifestyle, you will eliminate many of your biggest problems, especially many financial concerns. The less you own, the less you need to be concerned about.

Studies show that a minimalist lifestyle can lower blood pressure, reduce risks of diseases, migraines and headaches and overall improve your health. Often, the simple lifestyle is not just beautiful, it’s necessary. Many van lifers say it was hard to get rid of everything at first. However, in the end it was definitely worth it to adopt of life of less stuff.

Some of the many benefits of living in simplicity include:

  • Improved health
  • Additional prosperity
  • A lot less stress.

Financial Freedom

In most cases, this is what a traditional lifestyle looks like:

  1. Go to school.
  2. Amass thousands of dollars in debt.
  3. Spend years working jobs that you dislike, while also giving up your freedom.
  4. Wait anxiously until you can finally retire.
  5. Live frugally as an elder retiree.

We all need to question our lifestyle and ask ourselves if it aligns with our goals and desires. Because if it doesn’t, what’s the point?

I’m sure many of us can agree that this is not the way we want to continue living.

Living the van life allows you to be financially free in some of the following ways:

  • Many of the bills you usually have will disappear.
  • You’ll not need a regular job that takes up 50% of your life.
  • You can earn money whenever you want.
  • You create your own retirement fund and emergency fund.

Discover hundreds of additional secrets to LIVING ON WHEELS. You’ll discover all the hidden survival skills most never know.

We have several authors who write about their experience of Living on Wheels. It’s a life of freedom and self-reliance.



Van Life for Women – Be Free as a Bird!

I wrote “Van Life for Women” for one reason. So, independent, free-thinking women and (van girls) can live cheap and discover the secret of living from a Van full-time. 

I moved from a condo to a van, alone, just my dog and me. My condo was $900 per month – my utilities were about $300 per month. All total, I was spending about $1,200 per month on shelter and utilities. Now, I SAVE $1,200 a month!

My van life started with an idea, and within only 60 days – I was living my dream. You can too because I’m going to show you how to do it. I started in Austin, Texas.

I was fed up with city life. I wanted to see the beach. So, I drove to Florida and lived the entire winter near Boca Rotan. It was beautiful. I slept near the beach and met many nice friendly people. I also spent time in Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Del Ray Beach, Pompano Beach, Ft Lauderdale, and I even traveled down to Key West! The sunsets in Keywest are worth the drive. So Gorgeous! Yes, “Van Life for Women” is for me!

In the month of May – I drove to the mountains of Colorado, then up to Montana. Talk about BIG blue skies, OMG, it is no lie. The skies are BIG and blue in Montana. The lakes and streams are so clear you can see the fish swimming near the bottom! Once, I got naked and swam with the fish—so much fun. I love Van Living for girls!

It did not take me long to adjust to Van Life. It was a hundred times easier than I thought it would be. The trick is to stay organized and only travel with your needs. I did not have any breakdowns, but it’s wise to have an emergency fund set aside for accidental mishaps.

I only got scared one time.

A mama black bear came to visit me when I was camping near a river in Montana. The mountain lion was peeking in my window! I quickly got my bear mace, but it sprinted away very quickly. I think mountain lions are more scared of us than we are of them.  Beware: They will fight and kill you if threatened.

I’ve had many wonderful experiences that removed many of my fears. I have no fear of sleeping alone or traveling alone. My dog and I have a great time. We meet lots of people, we eat well, and we stay fit. I cannot imagine NOT living the Van Life.

Inside my book, “Van Living for Women”, I provide many details of living in a van, especially for women. (private details for women only) I also provide a budget or costs you will probably endure. Van living is low budget.

When you’re living an independent life, such as “Van Life for Women,” then something happens deep down inside your soul. Suddenly, your life has meaning, and your spirit jumps for joy because you are FREE. There is nothing like the feeling of FREEDOM.

Living inside concrete or wooden walls called a condo, house, or apartment is not for me anymore. I love the freedom of living with less and the freedom to travel anywhere I want – almost anytime I want. I can spend the winters on the beach and the summers in the mountains. I love it. I can also spend time with friends I meet on the road.  I also provide a few examples of how you can earn money on the road.


We only have ONE life to live.

Right now, I choose to live my ONE life traveling and sleeping in my Van. I can cook, shower, and get a good night’s sleep in almost any situation. My dog, Sheba, will always warn me of any possible dangers (which is hardly ever). I feel good – I feel in control of my life. 

Get both ebooks Reg $20.  Both for only $10. 
 Order “Van Life for Women” today.

Cassie James

Cassie James is an author. Her book is called “How to Live in a Van for Women”.  Cassie once worked a hustle-bustle life. She decided she wanted a simpler life.  She admits she was inspired by Homeless Harry and Ted and Marci who also reveal their van life stories. She gives a different perspective – van life for WOMEN and she focuses on how women can easily be Van lifers.