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“Whos Who in Hollywood” exposes the horrific SINS of Hollywood. Satanic rituals, pedophilia, sodomy, and rape of men, women, and children. The occult of Hollywood is real. Some of these Hollywood people are directors, producers, actors, actresses, and many aspects of the music industry. There are evil celebrities in nearly every aspect of entertainment. The Hollywood secret is slowly coming out. Yes, there are also real live blood-drinking Vampires in Hollywood.

Hollywood Mafia is alive and well. The casting couch is more real than ever. Many celebrities are NOT who they pretend to be. Have you wondered Who is Who in Hollywood? Do you wonder who mean-spirited, corrupt, and evil is? Have you wondered who the REAL Satan worshippers are? Pedophilia in Hollywood is ruining our child actors. Who are the pedophiles? Who are the celebrities who RAPE boys and women? Some celebrities believe they are above the LAW.

Discover a few of the Celebrities who flew on Jeffrey Epstein’s jet. Logbook inside! Discover WHO controls most of Hollywood and what films are made purely for propaganda reasons.

Predator Celebrities are not above the law, nor do they get to harm other people. It is no secret that many celebrities would be clinically categorized as psychopaths. They have no conscience or remorse for the people they harm. Some celebrities will drug a woman or child, then have their way with them. Many Hollywood stars are part of the satanic cabal. Which ones are they? The book points you in certain directions to look.

Satanic rituals are quite prevalent among the Celebrity elite. Human sacrifice is also part of their evil rituals. Many celebrities believe that Satan will give them more success, power, money, and perverted sex if they worship Satan and give him gifts.

“Your favorite Celebrity may not be whom you think.” –Jamie P.
“Reading this book opened my eyes – these people are evil.” –Paula J.
“I was shocked to the core when I read this book – truly upsetting.” –Nancy T.
“Who’s Who in Hollywood” is a great title for this book. Actors are pretending.

They are NOT who you think they are – that is for sure.

Many celebrities live totally different than you can imagine. Many of the child stars grow up and must have therapy because of their abuse as a child working in Hollywood. It appears that pedophiles are everywhere within Hollywood circles. Pedophilia is in nearly all aspects of the entertainment industry. It is truly a satanic act. Some of your favorite actors and directors are pedophiles. Why are they? The book points you towards them.

Hollywood celebrities are certainly a different breed of people. Naturally, pedophilia and satanic rituals occur throughout the world – not just in Hollywood.

Hollywood just happens to be a breeding ground for these evil creatures. Children are very vulnerable, and their parents put too much trust in their Hollywood caregivers. Many people have learned the hard way – do not trust the entertainment managers and agents.

Order this powerful book today. Please do not blame the messenger – I’m only the author/researcher who pulls back the curtain, exposing the truth.

Get Empowered – Change Your Life!

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