The Reason SEXy Stories are stimulating for men & Women

Get Empowered!

Sexy stories are more popular than ever right now. Here’s everything you need to know…You know the kind.  Romance, Erotic and Sexy Stories.

Do you enjoy reading sexy stories, or would you like to try erotic fiction to spice up your relationship? You’re not the only one. Here’s everything you need to know about reading erotic fiction.

Anyone who has read erotic fiction will know exciting sex stories can really spice things up in the bedroom, and adding your favorite vibrator can sometimes do the trick!

If you’ve always been a little SHY about reading sexy stories, you might be surprised to know they’re trendy and often outsell other fiction books.

Erotic fiction has never been more popular!

It’s no surprise the idea of reading sex stories has piqued your interest. To help you explore all the best erotic fiction out there and even write your steamy scenes, Jessica shares everything you need to know about sex stories. 


Sexy stories are also known as erotic fiction, erotica, or adult fiction.

Erotic fiction is stories written about the development of a romantic relationship through sexual interaction. Sex is an inherent part of the story, character growth, and relationship development, and couldn’t be removed without damaging the storyline.

Experts say PORN for women can be incredibly EMPOWERING and make you want sex – erotic fiction shouldn’t be confused with porn. 

Erotic fiction is different from porn which are stories or scenes written for the sole purpose of sexual gratification.

While sex does play a key role in erotica, the sex itself is secondary to developing the characters and plot. A good erotica writer knows that, no matter how great the sex is, there still needs to be a good, solid story if one wants to hold a reader’s interest.”


Feel yourself getting hot and steamy when reading (or even thinking) about sex stories? Then you’re perfectly normal. Erotica has been scientifically proven to increase women’s SEX DRIVE. 

According to a scientific study, women who read romance or erotic novels have 74% more sex with their partners than those who don’t.

Women fantasize more frequently and have more intense and realistic SEXUAL FANTASIES when they read suggestive content. Not only were women readers having more sex, but they were also having better sex because they and their partners were more adventurous and playful.

Sex stories can also help women experiment with female masturbation and find out what turns them on and off, discovering what they might like to role-play with a partner.  


It’s clear that women can be – and are – empowered by erotic literature. In polls, high percentages of women report feeling sexually empowered by reading erotica.”

Many erotic books can be pretty sexy and sexual without demeaning women and can even empower women. You need to look for books with a central female character who is both sexually active and in charge of her own life and desires.


Sex stories can do more than turn you on. They can turn your partner on, too. From helping introduce new types of play into the bedroom to encouraging your partner to open up about their fantasies, here’s how sex stories can spice up your love life:

  1. Enjoying it together
    Reading sexy stories aloud can be a great way of talking ‘dirty’ without actually having to come up with your text. Select a page, paragraph, or sequence within a book that resonates with you, place a bookmark on that page, and keep it on your bedside table.
  2. Getting in the mood
    For women, the excitement and readiness for sex don’t always happen instantly. Reading erotic fiction is a great way to get in the mood. It turns your mind and body on, which is great for foreplay.”
  3. Introducing you to the world of sex toys
    Erotica opens up people’s minds to all the toys that are out there and introduces readers to new ideas when it comes to sex.” 
  4. Encouraging experimentation
    By reading erotic fiction, you not only get new ideas, but these ideas become normalized and comfortable. It’s as if you’ve gone through the experience already through reading, so turning an idea into reality no longer seems so out of the box or embarrassing.

A good example of an author who writes sexy stories is right here.