Thomas Crenshaw (Group One) 6 ebooks

Hey!  I’m Thomas Crenshaw
and I’m glad you’re here.

Many people ask, “Are you wearing a disguise?”  The answer is YES!  We live in a dangerous world. My ebook content is very controversial and has been banned on many platforms. (Some people do not want to truth to get out!)

 As you know, I’m a truthseeker. I reveal many untruths and it might make you angry – but remember, I’m only the messenger.

Let’s get the word out. Please tell others where they can get my great low bundle price. I appreciate you. Thanks!   I promise any of my ebooks will empower you. You will discover what less than 2% of the world know exists. Discover the secrets of the world and how it has been hidden from you.


How to Kill the Banksters: The ebook briefly explains the Federal Reserve Bank and its fraudulent methods. A hard-hitting eBook that explains who the bankers and why they are actually the “enemy” within. They are not your friends. It explains how to destroy the banking cartels so we can regain our freedom.

Those Who Act Like Sheep – Will Be Eaten by Wolves. Unfortunately, most people are very docile or sheep-like and are vulnerable to attack. It is human nature to be almost sheep-like. Discover methods to show strength and to avoid human predators of many kinds. How to Better Protect our Communities and those we Love.

Would You Survive? Hundreds of survival tactics including what to do if you had a home invasion. Millions of home invasions happen every year all over the nation. Desperate people do desperate things. You need to learn how to survive! Get Empowered!

The Ultimate Guide – Tor and the Deep Dark Web – This special eBook explains in detail how to stay safe while traveling the deep dark web. You’ll discover many exciting things that you never knew. Google is only 20% of the Internet – the other 80% is hidden. It’s called the Deep Web.

The Most Evil Man: Rockefeller may well be the evilest man on the planet. Discover how and why he started the pharmaceutical companies and power they “wheel”, and how his family is instructed to never allow Cancer cures to be known.

Indoctrination: A powerful eBook that explains how our children for the past 60 years have been slowly indoctrinated into communism. From elementary school thru College. Millions of Americans are drinking the communist Kool-Aide. Colleges are now pumping out 3 communists to one non-communist every year.

Dead People Don’t Talk – An ebook that clearly details hundreds of professionals who have mysterious died – many of them are never talked about. Most of them are doctors, scientists, journalists, and bankers. Many of them were found dead from jumping off of high buildings. Does this sound a little fishy? The book provides pictures of many of the dead people before they died plus their names. A must-read.



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