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Hey!  I’m Thomas Crenshaw
and I’m glad you’re here.

Many people ask, “Are you wearing a disguise?”  The answer is YES!  We live in a dangerous world. My ebook content is very controversial and has been banned on many platforms. (Some people do not want the truth to get out!)

 As you know, I’m a truthseeker. I reveal many untruths and it might make you angry – but remember, I’m only the messenger.

Let’s get the word out. Please tell others where they can get my great low bundle price. I appreciate you. Thanks!   I promise any of my ebooks will empower you. Once you read my books you will be in the top 2% who know this stuff.  98% of the people do not have a clue.  Discover the secrets of the world and how it has been hidden from you and the rest of humanity. 


Khazarian Mafia: If you’re confused as to what evil entity rules the world, then look no further. This book will end your confusion and reveal who the real evil players are. They have been ruling the planet for hundreds of years, but more importantly the last 100 years. Yes, they are the New World Order gang. As the author, I pull no punches. Photos and names are revealed.

Khazarian Scams: DID YOU KNOW THAT EVERYTHING YOU THOUGHT YOU KNEW IS A BIG FAT LIE. Shocking scams and illusions are revealed. The Khazarians are masters at murder, lies, illusions, and deception. As the rulers of the planet, they have fooled millions of people. DISCOVER THE TRUTH!

Satanic Hollywood. The Satanists of Hollywood are exposed. The truth may shock you, but it must be told. Satanic rituals, pedophiles, child sex trafficking, and adrenochrome. I’m only the messenger. You may not like what your favorite entertainer does behind closed doors. lots of photos !!!

LUCIFER’S WORLDWIDE TYRANNY – The deep state is lucifer. I prove it! Globalism is the plan of Lucifer. Total WorldwideControl.

The Most Evil Man: Rockefeller may well be the evilest man on the planet. Discover how and why he started the pharmaceutical companies and the power they “wheel”, and how his family is instructed to never allow Cancer cures to be known.

Dead People Don’t Talk – An ebook that clearly details hundreds of professionals who have mysteriously died – many of them are never talked about. Most of them are doctors, scientists, journalists, and bankers. Many of them were found dead from jumping off of high buildings. Does this sound a little fishy? The book provides pictures of many of the dead people before they died plus their names. A must-read.



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