Who is the Deep State?

Many people have heard of “The Deep State”, however, they are confused as to WHO the Deep State is exactly.  Many people wonder why and how the Deep State is so powerful and seem to be well organized.  The Deep State appears to be wide and deep and their actions are in compete lockstep with each other.

Let’s make it real simple. The Deep State are all the secret organizations and then some!  Many of these secret socities are hundreds of years old. Each society has THOUSANDS of loyal members.  Most members are generational.

Example of a few of the secret societies are: Skull & Bones, The Trilateral Commision, the Bilderberg Group, the Bohemium Grove, the Council of Foreign Relations, Illuminati, The Club of Rome, The Vatican (Jesuits), the FreeMasons, the UN, WEF, the Comittee of 300.  The most powerful secret society is the “The Pilgrims Society”.  They are at the top of the pyramid.  The membership list is massive.

Thousands of these Satanic minions have infiltrated themselves into many organizations, churches, politics, CEOs of corporations, the Media, CIA, FBI , Chief of Police, the Entertainment Industry, the Medical Industry and have become leaders of countries. They live a vow of secreacy.

They all have ONE thing in common.  What is that? They all worship Lucifer (Satan).  Yes, that’s right! They are Satanists and they hide in the dark. They work together in lockstep as ONE massive crime syndicate and they are extremely dangerous.  They are a large death cult. Most psychologists would call most of them “Psychopaths”.

Many local governments all over the world and in  America have also been infiltrated.  Incuding our educational system, Judges, DAs and others –  It is all about POWER and CONTROL.  Money has little to do with their plans.  Their mission is to steal, cheat, decieve, and murder.

Why are these societies SECRET ?  One reason their meetings, membership lists and rituals are secret is because they do not want the masses to know about their “true” agendas.  Why? Because you cannot be decieved if you knew their real and ultimate agenda.  Their secret ideas and methods will decrease freedoms, decrease your wealth, decrease your health and hopefully murder people without the masses knowing WHO did it.

These people are COWARDS.  They know there are many more of “us” than there are of “them”.  They hide behind tall iron gates and they try to remain as anonymous as possible.

This list of Deep Staters are all about complete control of the planet – no matter what it takes to get it. They’ve been working hard (generation after generation) to achieve complete power and control over ALL people. They are ENEMIES OF HUMANITY!  They hate God!

It took many months for us to find the Deep State membership list.  We are providing it as a courtesy to you.  Please spread this valuable knowledge to others.

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