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In a world where knowledge is often measured by the textbooks we read and the degrees we earn, it’s easy to overlook the importance of Bullet Proofing Your Life.  Unfortunately, most people and children never learn the basics of survival. Many people have been brain-washed into living a convenient life without purpose.  Get empowered. Learn your purpose!  Learning how to handle the pitfalls of life is extremely important. Let us explain in simple terms how to protect yourself and your family and how to enjoy your ONE life.

There are Many Historical Lies

There are HUNDREDS OF LIES in our current history books for many reasons. Here is a good example of a Big lie: Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492. Indians were already here – America had already been discovered. Plus he arrived in the Bahamas – NOT the North American Continent, lands were already inhabited by thriving civilizations. This historical distortion is a total LIE.  Historical lies and illusions were created by the enemies of humanity.

Research and geologists prove that “Black People” lived and thrived in America way before white people.  Discover the truth about JFK (president). He had a best friend through highschool, college and this man also live in the white house.

He had a room down from JFK and Jackie’s room. His name was “Lem” – a homosexual.  JFK was in Lem’s room more than he was in his and Jackie’s room.   Pictures are in Khararian Mafia (illusion book).  Discover over 100 historical lies!

Get Empowered. “Bullet Proof Your Life”

  • Spirituality will build strong minds and provide a moral compass of right and wrong.  Humans are to be gentle people with loving spirits.
  • Build a strong and “healthy” body with good nutrition. Detoxing the body will help ensure a quality life.
  • Be a good steward of your Finances. As of now, money matters and your knowledge on how “money” works will empower you and help create security. Save 10%, Invest 10% and live on 80%.
  • Empower yourself by knowing “who” is your enemy.  There is ‘evil’ surrounding us. Learn discernment. Learn how to detect manipulation, liars and deceivers.
  • Anyone can empower themselves if they can ONLY learn “what” to do in dozens of emergencies. Danger can happen any minute of any day.  Survival skills will EMPOWER you and save your life. Self-defense and being proficient with weapons will create peace of mind.
  • Humans are loving and “Romantic” creatures. Empower yourself by knowing how to be a great lover and how to create successful relationships.
  • Get Empowered by learning HOW to be self-reliant.  Being self-reliant will give you peace of mind and decrease stress and worry. Life will be much more enjoyable.

Programmed Knowledge Creates a
Dumbed Down Society

For hundreds of years society has been programmed and conditioned to accept LIES without question. We’ve been handed textbooks that present a one-sided view of history, science, and the world. This is “programmed knowledge” and most people refuse to question what they are told.

The Power of a Bullet Proof Life!

If you’re empowered correctly with the right knowledge, then you can share your powerful knowledge with others within your “trusted” circle. Discover powerful knowledge from honest MENTORS (authors) who have your best interest at heart.

Mentors have usually traveled the same path and know how to best handle problematic issues.  People who want to “bullet proof their life” are individuals who are hungry for empowerment.

The Right Knowledge will Divulge the Secrets of Living a Bullet Proof Life.

Imagine a world where our education systems prioritize teaching children and young adults the importance of living an empowered life.  People would grow up knowing “almost” what to do and how do it when comes to living a protected and successful life.

Learning Math and English is important, but children must also learn how to be humble, kind and live with grace. Children would learn not just facts and figures but also essential life skills. In a perfect world, they would be equipped to recognize manipulation, navigate complex relationships, and think critically about the information presented to them.

Allow us to Share our Knowledge

One crucial aspect of being a mentor is to share knowledge that works. Our authors also want people to be successful in Romance.  Dating and sexuality is all part of life. Discover how to experience successful relationships. Empowering knowledge can ensure that future generations are better equipped to face the complexities of our world.  Order any of our ebooks. You’ll be glad you did.  Empower777.com


Get Empowered – Change Your Life!

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