Survival Skills – eBooks

We all know the value of knowing survival skills – it is even more important to be proficient in using the skills. We included two survival ebooks that will provide you many types of skills necessary to not only survive but to THRIVE.

Get Empowered with these two amazing Survival eBooks!

101 SURVIVAL SKILLS – a great ebook to learn survival skills fast. Well organized and a must-read. Imagine learning 101 survival skills?! Order today.

LEVE THE CITY- a POWERFUL 300-page guide on self-reliance. You can only be secure with peace of mind when you’re self-reliant. The book explains prepping for a crisis, survival, and nearly all aspects of homesteading. It is the ultimate guide. Discover how to survive and live a healthier, safer, and happier life outside the city. City living is dangerous and unhealthy. Order this eBook today – you’ll love it. A great bargain too!

5 star rating of ebooks

You get both eBooks for Reg $20. Discount – only $10.
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Get Empowered – Change Your Life!

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