Survival Skills – eBooks

We all know the value of knowing survival skills – it is even more important to be proficient in using the skills. We included two survival ebooks that will provide you many types of skills necessary to not only survive but to THRIVE.

Get Empowered with these two amazing Survival eBooks!

101 SURVIVAL SKILLS – a great ebook to learn survial sills fast. Well organized and a must read. Imagine learning 101 survial skills?!!!

SURVIVAL TECHNIQUES BY FORMER CIA MAN – would you and your family survive a horrific home invasion? What would you do if a gun was put to your head? Plus many life-saving survival techniques to protect you and your family. A must-read.

5 star rating of ebooks

You get both eBooks for Reg $20. Discount – only $10.
Pay with Paypal from this website. Enjoy!

Get Empowered – Change Your Life!

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