Thomas P. Crenshaw (Group Two) – SEVEN

Yes, I’m wearing a disguise. We live in a dangerous world. My eBooks are highly controversial and many have been banned due to the facts I reveal.

As you know, I’m a truthseeker. I reveal many untruths and it might make you angry – but remember, I’m only the messenger.

Let’s get the word out. Please tell others where they can get my great low bundle price. I appreciate you. Thanks!   I promise any of my ebooks will empower you. You will discover what less than 2% of the world know exists. Discover the secrets of the world and how it has been hidden from you.

Below are GROUP TWO of Conspiracy eBook collection.

The Ultimate Prison Life Guide – No matter if you’re guilty or innocent you need this guide. It will keep you safer and you’ll discover how to get out of prison as soon as possible. You never know when a loved one will be tossed into the judicial system for no reason at all. A must-read.

The Secret Killing – it is no secret that certain secret societies want to depopulate the world by 90%. Do you wonder why our food and water supply is toxic? They are doing what “they” call a soft-kill. Discover all the methods of their killing scheme.

Sports Fraud – This eBook reveals the hundreds of fraudulent methods professional sports owners use to earn more money from the fans. It is a 30 billion dollar gambling business. If sports fans knew the secrets of the frauds in pro sports, they would throw their TV out the window.

Margaret Sanger – Discover the fraud and con-artis of the real Margaret Sanger. She is not who she pretended to be. Margaret Sanger was an evil woman.

Child Kidnappings – THEFT! Over one million children disappear every year in the USA alone. Where do they go? Discover exactly where they are and what happens to them. It is not a pleasant story – but more people need to know.

How Corrupt and Unethical People Pocket Millions of Dollars – This compelling eBook reveals many of the shocking methods that politicians use, charities use and churches use to steal money from the people.

INDOCTRINATION – for over 60 years, the American people have allowed communist indoctrination to infiltrate the school system. Communist indoctrination is poisoning the minds of children and young adults. Schools and Colleges are creating three communists or every ONE patriot. What will YOU do about it?

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