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Crowdfunding for Non-Profits, Charitable Causes, and Social Activists
Their cut: Nothing. Causes runs on ad revenue. A 4% transaction fee still applies.
Perks: Free analytics to perfect your campaign along the way.
Caveats: Must be a registered 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(4) to fundraise on Causes.
All-or-nothing fundraising goals? Keep what you raise.

Their cut: Crowdrise takes 5%, plus 2.9% transaction fees.
Perks: Donors don’t need to make an account in order to contribute to your campaign. Two campaign types: individual or non-profit.
Caveats: Page design options for the free version are limited.
All-or-nothing fundraising goals? Keep what you raise.

Their cut: Choose from three pricing tiers, depending on how many projects you want to run at once. The basic plan for a single project has no monthly fee, but Fundly takes a 4.9% cut for donations up to $50,000, plus 3% transaction fees.
Perks: Helpful guides and tutorials are automatically sent to you at each step of your campaign.
Caveats: Every project must have a video and a photo gallery.
All-or-nothing fundraising goals? Keep what you raise.

Their cut: 5% for a successful campaign, plus 3% transaction fees.
Perks: A member of their team will be assigned to your campaign and act as your personal guide, providing advice and resources at each step.
Caveats: Projects must have a positive social impact, and need to be approved before they’re posted to the site.
All-or-nothing fundraising goals? Yes.

Their cut: Nothing. YouCaring is supported entirely by donations, just like the campaigns it hosts. 3% transaction fees do apply.
Perks: Funds are available in your account as soon as they’re donated.
Caveats: Once you post an update, you can’t edit it.
All-or-nothing fundraising goals? Keep what you raise.


Free Money to Start a Small Business

Their cut: Bolstr’s attorneys review each campaign before it’s launched, to protect both your business and potential investors. Legal fees range from $500-$1,000 (you can also use your own attorney). Other costs include a listing fee and regulatory filing fees.
Perks: They help you raise funds from those most likely to continue supporting you after your campaign ends: your local community.
Caveats: Not for struggling businesses. If your small business is thriving and you need funds to expand, Bolstr is for you. Must be incorporated (no sole proprietorships allowed) and pass their background checks.
All-or-nothing fundraising goals? Yes.

Community Sourced Capital
Their cut: A one-time $250 launch fee. Once your campaign is successful, you’ll be charged $100 per month until the principal amount on your loan is repaid.
Perks: Your $250 launch fee covers tech support, marketing assistance, and administrative help.
Caveats: This is a loan, not a donation. Pledges are set at a fixed amount of $50.
All-or-nothing fundraising goals? Yes.

Their cut: $179/month. No fees are charged on the funds you raise, but transaction fees apply.
Perks: Use their profile creation wizard to set up an attractive campaign page.
Caveats: You can offer backers rewards or equity, but not both.
All-or-nothing fundraising goals? Yes.

Funding Community
Their cut: Successful campaigns are charged an origination fee of 2.5%.
Perks: You’ll receive better loan rates than from banks or other traditional lending agencies.
Caveats: Loans are limited to $10,000 and must be repaid within 9 months. Interest rates depend on the type of company and your credit score.
All-or-nothing fundraising goals? Yes.

Their cut: Choose from three plans with varying support features and fees. For a business that has raised some funding but wants to access Localstake’s investor audience through their Boost plan, there is a one-time fee of $500, plus a fee of 3.75-7.5% for successful campaigns.
Perks: With the Boost plan, you’ll get a dedicated advisor to help you run your campaign.
Caveats: Must submit an application before your campaign is approved.
All-or-nothing fundraising goals? Yes.

Free Money for  Artists and Filmmakers

Their cut: Depends on how much you raise. For successful campaigns that raise up to $100,000, the fee is 5%, plus 2.4% transaction fees.
Perks: Take advantage of their Ambassador Network, made up of successful project creators who offer expertise and advice.
Caveats: Once your successful campaign ends, pledges made via credit card are not immediately transferred to your account (approximate delay of 7 days).
All-or-nothing fundraising goals? Yes.

Their cut: 4% fee, plus 3.5% transaction fees.
Perks: Join the Pubslush Prep program for helpful resources, and take advantage of market analytics.
Caveats: Literary projects only.
All-or-nothing fundraising goals? Yes

Seed & Spark
Their cut: 5%. However, they give your backers the opportunity to add 5% to their pledge at checkout, so you get the full amount. (Seed & Spark says 90% of supporters choose to add that 5%.)
Perks: Their CINEMA streaming video distribution platform is available for projects that are accepted on the site. Also, backers don’t need to create an account to support your project.
Caveats: Each project is reviewed before being accepted by Seed & Spark. If your project isn’t accepted, they’ll give you some pointers to help you successfully resubmit.
All-or-nothing fundraising goals? You must reach at least 80% of your goal.

Their cut: Nothing; filmmakers submit their projects for free. Investment agreements are made between individual users, without Slated’s direct involvement.
Perks: Access to the Slated community, which includes wealthy investors, plus sales agents and distributors.
Caveats: Only the film’s rights holder, or his/her designated representative, can start a campaign.
All-or-nothing fundraising goals? Keep what you raise.

Their cut: 5% of successful campaigns. Transaction fees are 3.4%, and are paid by backers.
Perks: Once you’ve reached your minimum funding target, donations are immediately available in your account. No need to wait until your campaign expires.
Caveats: Your project must be submitted and approved before it’s posted.
All-or-nothing fundraising goals? If you choose to set a minimum fundraising target, then yes. If you choose the “Keep it All” campaign type, you set an “optimum” funding target and keep whatever you raise.

Free Money for Science or Tech People

Their cut: Successful projects are charged a 5% fee, plus a 3% transaction fee.
Perks: Backers don’t have to sign up or become members in order to support campaigns.
Caveats: Research and results are the rewards, not t-shirts and bumper stickers. Backers don’t receive any incentives from campaigns, other than the satisfaction of contributing to scientific progress.
All-or-nothing fundraising goals? Yes.

Their cut: Unknown. Their site says they do charge a fee for their services, but does not specify the amount.
Perks: Projects that don’t qualify for government funding, or whose needs surpass what’s usually covered through grants, can supplement their research funds through Petridish.
Caveats: Petridish is currently in beta, so you’ll have to wait to submit until the site is accepting new projects.
All-or-nothing fundraising goals? Yes.

Their cut: Successful campaigns are charged 5%, plus transaction fees.
Perks: Check out their TechnoFunding lessons for tips from successful projects.
Caveats: Projects must adhere to TechnoFunding guidelines in order to be published to the site.
All-or-nothing fundraising goals? Yes.

Free Money to Start a Business

Their cut: Choose from two plans with varied features: $299/month and $999/month.
Perks: Campaign plans include confidential document protection, investor analytics, live support, and access to their network of investors.
Caveats: You’ll need certain documents in order to use their platform: a Term Sheet, Executive Summary, and an Investor Pitch Deck.
All-or-nothing fundraising goals? Keep what you raise.

Their cut: $250 per month technology fee; 7.5% fee for successful campaigns; and up to $3,500 in due diligence, escrow, and legal fees for successful campaigns.
Perks: Experience. The founders are investors themselves, and their support team has overseen billions in private investments.
Caveats: Their vetting process is thorough, so make sure you’ve got a professional proposal and expect it to take some time before your project is approved or rejected.
All-or-nothing fundraising goals? Yes.

Their cut: 5% fee for successful campaigns.
Perks: When the SeedUps team reviews your submission, they’ll give you suggestions for your campaign before setting up your live project page.
Caveats: Fundraising range is between $25,000 – $500,000.
All-or-nothing fundraising goals? Keep what you raise.

Their cut: 5% of successful campaigns.
Perks: Check out their blog for tips on successful crowdfunding tips for startups.
Caveats: Currently in beta. They’re an equity-only platform, so you must be willing to accept investments in exchange for a stake in your company.
All-or-nothing fundraising goals? Yes

Free Money for Miscellaneous Projects

Their cut: 2.5% for a successful campaign, plus 2.5% transaction fees.
Perks: Flexible campaign options: Fundraise (hit a monetary goal); Sell something (sell a certain number of items); or Split an expense (attract a certain number of people to join the group). You can set your minimum goal, and also set a “dream goal.”
Caveats: Limited publicity makes it more difficult to get funding from complete strangers. Tilt’s homepage doesn’t highlight current campaigns, so you’ll need to use your existing social networks to raise funds and help spread the word.
All-or-nothing fundraising goals? Yes.

Their cut: Choose from two funding models: flexible or fixed. With flexible funding, if you reach your goal, Indiegogo takes 4%. If you don’t, the fee is 9%. With fixed funding, Indiegogo takes 4% from fully-funded campaigns, plus transaction fees.
Perks: Use the campaigning section of the Indiegogo Playbook for tips on making your campaign a success.
Caveats: Projects are promoted on the site based on their “Gogofactor,” which determines where your project ranks in search, and whether it’s featured by Indiegogo on their homepage, newsletter, or blog. Gogofactors are determined by how active your campaign is, so boost your rank by frequently updating and sharing your page, and by earning new backers.
All-or-nothing fundraising goals? Flexible Funding lets you keep what you earn, and Fixed Funding is all-or-nothing.

Their cut: 5% of a successfully funded campaign, plus transaction fees between 3-5%.
Perks: Easily the most well-known crowdfunding platform, with the widest audience.
Caveats: Countless projects launch on the site every day, so standing out among the crowd can be more difficult.
All-or-nothing fundraising goals? Yes.

Their cut: 4% if you meet your fundraising goal (8% if you don’t), plus 4% transaction fees.
Perks: Enroll in RocketHub’s Success School and get helpful hints at every stage of your campaign.
Caveats: RocketHub pushes you to use your existing support network to help fund your campaign. Be prepared to ask your Facebook friends and Twitter followers for donations.
All-or-nothing fundraising goals? Keep what you raise.

Here’s a list of Crowfunding websites.  Getting free money is very popular now days.  Unfortunately, these links are only available for my ebook.  This list is also posted on my website for your convenience. (Zackary McAuthor)



  1. AfricaUnsigned


  1. Assob
  2. iGrin
  3. iPledg
  4. StartSomeGood
  5. Pozible
  6. Respekt
  7. BrickX
  8. CrowdfundUP
  9. DomaCom
  10. Estate Baron
  11. Icon Park
  12. RealtyCrowd


  1. SonicAngel


  1. Catarse
  2. Movere
  3. Benfeitoria
  4. Embolacha
  5. Wacawaca


  1. Dreambank
  2. Ideacious

Chile, Mexico, Argentina

  1. Ideame


  1. DreamHost
  2. Demo Hour


  1. Appsfunder


  1. Lainaaja
  2. Invesdor
  3. Alumnifinder


  1. Alton
  2. Anaxago
  3. Arizuka
  4. Babeldoor
  5. Babyloan
  6. Bankeez
  7. Bookly
  8. Citylize
  9. Commonbox
  10. Designer Prod
  11. FansNextDoor
  12. FinanceTesEtudes
  13. Fundimmo
  14. Inkubato
  15. JaimelInfo
  16. Le Mécène
  17. L’Edito
  18. Lightbyu
  19. Lymo
  20. Microcultures
  21. Mon film
  22. Movies Angels
  23. Mutuzz
  24. My Art Invest
  25. My Corner Bar
  26. My Major Company
  27. My Show Must Go On
  28. Myfashionline
  29. Octopousse
  30. Oocto
  31. Pret-dunion
  32. Revenonsalamusique
  33. Spear
  34. The KissKissBankBank
  35. Touscoprod
  36. Ulule
  37. WiSeed




  1. CrowdMurex
  2. Global Founders Capital
  3. Sellaband
  4. VisionBakery
  5. Friendfund
  6. Mediafunders
  7. My Sherpas
  8. Nordstarter
  9. Pling
  10. Zinsland


  1. Invested


  1. Fund it


  1. Ourcrowd


  1. Eppela
  2. AssitecaCrowd
  3. WallRise


  1. Camp-fire
  2. Maneo


  1. Fondeadora
  2. Bandtastic


  1. Fabriquedartistes


  1. GreenWishNL
  2. Schrijversmarkt
  3. Tenpages
  4. Voordekunst
  5. 4just1
  6. Talentboek
  7. Symbid
  8. Bouwandeel


  1. PledgeMe


  1. NewJelly

Norway, Sweden

  1. FundedByMe


  1. ArtisteConnect
  2. The Spark Project
  3. Cropital


  1. Massivemov

South Korea

  1. Fundu


  1. Lánzanos
  2. Injoinet Technologies
  3. Fandyu
  4. Goteo
  5. Verkami
  6. CoOwning


  1. Crowdculture
  2. Crowdcube
  3. Flattr
  4. Tessin


  1. Cashare
  2. Wemakeit
  3. 100-days
  4. Swiss-Crowd


  1. A8muf
  2. Banktothefuture
  3. BuildBacker
  4. Buzzbnk
  5. ByootCapital
  6. CivilisedMoney
  7. Companisto
  8. Crowd2Let
  9. CrowdAHouse
  10. Crowdfunder
  11. CrowdLords
  12. CrowdProperty
  13. CrowdPropertyFundUK
  14. EasyProperty
  15. GoGetFunding
  16. Mayfair&Morgan
  17. MyFootballClub
  18. Peoplefund
  19. Property Partner
  20. PropertyCrowd
  21. PropertyCrowdfunding
  22. PropertyMoose
  23. PropertySeed
  24. Racing Shares
  25. RateSetter
  26. RealFunds
  27. REITech
  28. Slicethepie
  29. The Bridgecrowd
  30. The House Crowd
  31. Unbound
  32. WallRise
  33. WealthMigrate
  34. Wefund


  1. PledgeMusic
  2. Zopa


  1. 1031##crowdfunding *
  2. 99funding
  3. Abeelo
  4. Acquire Real Estate*
  5. aCROWD
  6. American Colonial Capital Fund
  7. American Homeowner Preservation
  8. ArtistShare
  9. AssetAvenue
  10. com– soon to launch
  11. BecoVillage*
  12. Blackhawk Investments
  13. Blockshares* – beta
  14. Bolstr
  15. Cadre*
  16. CapitalReady
  17. Carlton Accredited Crowdfunding
  18. CircleUp
  19. CityFunders* – New York City (exclusive)
  20. Cmecompete
  21. Creative Equity Group
  22. CRELender /CREEquity *
  23. CrowdedHouseRealEstate– Massachusetts
  24. Crowdflipr*
  25. Crowdfundraiser*
  26. CrowdFundsRealEstate
  27. Crowdium
  28. Crowdland* – Soon to Launch
  29. CrowdRealty Co.
  30. Crowdrise
  31. CrowdStreet
  32. Crowdtilt
  33. CrowdTranche
  34. CrowdTrustDeed*
  35. Crowdvested– Georgia
  36. CRWD
  37. Deitscho* – New York
  38. DiversyFund
  39. DonorsChoose
  40. EarlyShares* –
  41. Elevate Crowdfunding*- launching Spring 2015
  42. EquityHunt
  43. EquityNet*
  44. Feather the Nest*
  45. Feed the Muse
  46. FirstGiving
  47. Flipping4Profit*
  48. Forefund
  49. FullCapitalStack*
  50. Fund That Flip* –
  51. FundARealty
  52. Fundly
  53. Fundrageous*
  54. Fundraise
  55. FundRazr
  56. Fundrise
  57. Gafisa
  58. Give2gether
  59. GiveForward
  60. GiveZooks
  61. Global Group Fund
  62. Globerex–
  63. GoFundMe
  64. GradeFund
  65. Ground Lease Capital Partners*
  66. GroundBreaker
  67. GroundFloor Finance
  68. Groupon Grassroots
  69. Grow VC
  70. High Income Real Estate
  71. HomeUnion*
  72. Hotel Innvestor*
  73. Ibankersdirect
  74. iCapRate* – soon to launch
  75. iCrowdHotels*
  76. iFunding
  77. Indiegogo
  78. Inner10Capital*
  79. InvestPeer Real Estate Holdings*
  80. Kachingle
  81. Kapipal
  82. KB Holdings*
  83. KCiFund* – Florida (BETA)
  84. Kickstarter
  85. Kiva
  86. Launcht
  87. Lending Club
  88. LendZoan*
  89. LocalStake*
  90. Loquidity– Central and Midwestern US
  91. LoudSauce
  92. MacroCrowd*
  93. MainStreet*
  94. Manzyll– soon to launch
  95. MassVenture*
  96. Metrofunder
  97. MicroVentures
  98. Miniamerica
  99. Money360
  100. MultiFamilyInvestment*
  101. NexRegen
  102. Nowfunder
  103. NXGen Capital
  104. Open/a>
  105. Open Source Capital LLC
  106. Opportunity
  107. OurStreet* – soon to launch
  108. Own It Detroit*
  109. ParkStreet Partners*
  110. PassiveFlow
  111. Patch of Land
  112. Pave
  113. net
  114. Peerbackers
  115. Peerform
  116. PeerRealty*
  117. PeerStreet*
  118. PelotonStreet*
  119. Phoenix Group
  120. Platformvested
  121. Pledgie
  122. Primarq–
  123. Prodigy Network
  124. ProHatch
  125. Propellr
  126. Property Pool*  (Beta)
  127. Property*
  128. PropertyPeers
  129. PropFunds L.P. –
  130. Prosper
  131. QuickLiquidity*
  132. Rally
  133. Rallyhero
  134. RazrVentures*
  135. RCSCapital*
  136. RE Capital Partners LLC*
  137. Real Liquidity
  138. RealCircle
  139. RealConnex* (Beta)
  140. RealCrowd
  141. Realquidity
  142. RealRite
  143. Realty Mogul
  144. RealtyShares
  145. RealtyWealth*
  146. Reamerge*
  147. Rehab Loan Group*
  148. Rich – Uncles
  149. RocketHub
  150. RockThePost
  151. SBREfunds*
  152. Seedandspark
  153. Seedinvest
  154. Selequity*
  155. Sequorum
  156. Sharestates
  157. SmallChange– soon to launch
  158. SmallStreetUSA
  159. Solar Mosaic
  160. Sprigster
  161. Sprovy
  162. com
  163. StartCapital*
  164. Sterlingfunder
  165. TerraFunda
  166. The NNN Crowd*
  167. TieBack Realty Finance* (BETA)
  168. TripleNetZeroDebt*
  170. United States Artists
  171. Vestor
  172. Vittana
  173. WealthMigrate*
  174. WeAreCrowdfunding*
  175. WorthingtonWealth*
  176. YieldCrowd*
  177. YouCaring
  178. Zimplemoney


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