Ted and Marcie Stevens

Ted and Marcie EMPOWERS People with their Story!

Ted and Marie Stevens have urgent news for everyone. It is possible to live a life of freedom, but you must not comply or take orders from traditional living ideas. They wrote a great eBook called –
“How to Live a Fun & Simple Life without Working a Job.” Many people will argue and say this is impossible, but allow Ted and Marcie to prove it to you. You can order their powerful eBook right here.

My wife and I wrote the book, “How to Live a Fun & Simple Life without Working a JOB”.”  It was a pleasure to write it – we dive deep and explain how we found FREEDOM. 

We worked in the corporate world for several years. We had almost no Freedom to enjoy our lives. We seldom saw each other – maybe a few hours on weekends. It was horrible.

Finally, one day, we sat down and discussed our life and what we need to do to change it. We figured out the key to a fun and simple life. Let us share it with you.

We realize most corporations are not loyal. They don’t care about you. It only took 60 days, and we embarked on our 1st day of a life of total Freedom. We get up when we want, and we travel anywhere in America – anytime! We even explain exactly how we create a cash flow while we enjoy our Freedom. It is not rocket science – a teenager can do it.

Simplifying your life is the most essential aspect of living a fun life. It will provide you the FREEDOM you probably never experienced. You will be FREE to explore the country. You can lay on the beaches in the wintertime and be in the mountains during the summer.

You will be able to enjoy your life instead of being slaves to a job. You’ll have 7 days a week to be FREE “birds,” not just two days a week.  Once you taste FREEDOM, you will never return to your old way of living. 

People often forget – “You only live once!” Why be a slave most of your existence. Life is too valuable, and our time here is limited. Enjoy your ONE life and be FREE.

We were scared of change – but we felt the fear and we did it anyway!

My wife and I never wear business attire anymore. As a matter of fact, we have met many other couples like us who have also CHANGED their life. They all admit it was the best decision they ever made. We NEVER need to work long hours to support a ridiculous material lifestyle.

Once you join a Freedom-loving lifestyle, you quickly discover what is important and what is not. We feel Freedom is one of the most critical aspects of life. You should be able to do whatever you want anytime you want. Let us show you HOW to do it. I like being with my wife – now I can be with her 24/7. It is great. 

Most people in America and other countries are unable to enjoy FREEDOM. Discover the brain-washing techniques Corporate America has done to millions of people. Once you know the truth, you cannot be a victim of their scam again. You can wake up and be a FREE person. Freedom is available – but you must know how to break the chains that bind you to this horrific system that has manipulated us. They have removed our freedoms without us noticing. The powers-at-be have been very clever.

You can be a Free person – but you must know the combination that unlocks the chains. Now is an excellent time to CHANGE YOUR LIFE.  


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Get Empowered – Change Your Life!

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