Video Book Trailers

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Book trailers are great as a marketing tool.  Here are a few great hints!

1) You may want to consider having more than one book video for a particular book or ebook. This way you have a few different unique videos that can stay up for awhile.  It may get a little boring for your audience to watch the same video over and over.

2) Use unique HOOKS in your videos.   Upload your videos to twitter, facebook, pinterest, instagram, youtube, etc.

3) IMPORTANT … NEVER make a book video longer than 30 seconds.  Thirty seconds is usually the cut off time period.  It’s been tested and proven and people may shut you off or shut their brain off after 30 seconds.

4) There are a ton of ways you can market with a book video.

Get your book videos on a loop and play them on your laptop when you’re doing a book signing or sitting at your favorite internet cafe. You can build entire promotions around each of your specific unique hook book videos!   Put your videos on your website
and watch your audience go crazy!!!

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