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The VIP Author Club is primarily for those who market eBooks on Amazon or similar platforms.  If you’re interested in learning how to market/promote your eBook – then you’re in the right place.

Writing an eBook is Awesome,
but Now What?

NEWS FLASH:  If your eBook is NOT Seen, then it will NOT sell.  How do you make sure it’s seen?

There are literally thousands of eBooks on Amazon and other platforms.  How will your audience find your eBook? How will you be noticed?  Most authors fail because their eBooks are seldom seen. Being a member of the VIP Author Club is the solution.  

You’ll get instant access to the Author “Tool Box” .  Discover how to put more “eye-balls” on your ebook! Discover secret techniques of the professionals.  

Get Empowered!

so far . . .  127 amazing
tips, tricks and techniques of ebook marketing!

  • How to market ebooks with the right keywords and choosing the correct categories.
  • How to perform keyword research and using the right keyword search tools.
  • How to find Writers to write your books, if you do not want to write them yourself.
  • How to get honest/ethical Reviews for your eBooks.
  • How to find professional but inexpensive ebook cover designers.
  • Why do some authors prefer the PermaFREE eBook method?
  • How to increase Traffic to your sales page.
  • What to say in your description – what to NEVER say.
  • How many pages should your eBook be?
  • How to find profitable niche categories.
  • How to promote your eBooks that will help explode your sales.
  • Super Awesome Rarely Revealed Tricks to Marketing and Achieving Amazing Results.
  • We are adding More and More tools to the tool box daily. THERE IS NO CHARGE TO JOIN US!
  • Plus MUCH MORE!
  • We’ll keep you up-dated on the most effective strategies and tools available.

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