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Hi –  Zack and Amy here!

Hi, we are Zack and Amy Taylor.

We are researchers and authors.  Mostly about self-reliance. We also authored an extensive eBook series about Homesteading.  Called Homesteading Off-Grid.  

We traveled the country for a long time and lived in vans and RVs full time.  We visited many parts of the country and we lived to tell about it!  We wrote several books about living full time in a van or RV and we decided to combine all that INFO into ONE big book.

We call it the “Ultimate Van & RV Guide”. There is nothing else like this book.  It is well over 300 pages with lots of great photos. We cover almost everything you need to know about living full time in a Van or RV.  It will save you lots of grief, avoid mistakes and you’ll enjoy the experience much more!

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We created an amazing book called – “The Ultimate Van & RV Guide”.  (Nomad – Van-RV Life)  Fortunately, it has become a favorite book among van dwellers and RVers.

“We ordered and read every page of this incredible book on RVing – it’s the best we’ve ever read.  We know you will enjoy it as well.”  -James & Janet

“This book covers everything you need to know about living from your Van or RV.  You’ll love it.”  -Tim & Kay

We also lived a self-reliant life during the building of our homestead.  Our RV experience allowed us to live in an RV while we built our homestead.  Care to learn all about homesteading?  Go here.

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