The Devil who wore Lipstick plus bonuses

We’ve included TWO Bonus eBooks for you. After you order, please provide your feedback. We always value your opinions and thoughts.

VIGILANTE – Bonus eBook. This powerful mysterious story is about a child who was kidnapped and trafficked. She grew up to be a beautiful woman. and committed her life to get revenge. She becomes “judge and jury”. A compelling story – it is inspired by a TRUE story. Warning: There are sexual scenes – this eBook is not for shy or timid people.

GREED – Bonus eBook. Another powerful story about a Multi-millionaire vs. an evil woman who wanted everything he owned. Pure Greed. There is never a dull moment in this story as the author takes the reader on an explosive journey. Inspired by a true story.

THE DEVIL WHO WORE LIPSTICK – This is a TRUE STORY. You’ll discover a story about a “psychopath” who schemed, stole, and was relentless. Manipulation with a cold-blooded heart is her specialty.


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