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How To Protect Your Children From Pedophiles

Child Sex Abuse by Pedophiles is a hideous act being done to thousands of our children.

Paedophile; An adult or older teenager who is sexually attracted to young children.  Often spelled; pedophile or pedophile or Paedophile. Pedophiles are usually men, however, women can also be pedophiles as well.

According to the FBI, there are approx (on average) about 2,000 children who disappear or are missing every day in the USA alone.  Some are found, but most are never found. That’s nearly 800,000 children per year or more.  This is unacceptable and shocking.  The media, for reasons of their own, do not report or allow this information to be public knowledge.

Thousands of children are removed from families by CPS and many are never seen again. Some are kidnaped from hospitals, department stores, backyards and playing in neighborhoods. Often times, children are stalked and quickly removed.

The world is a dangerous place and there are predators who want to abuse and murder children. Many predator pedophiles are “Satanic”.  In other words, there are thousands of children that are sexually abused and murdered for the purposes of satanic rituals and ceremonial situations.  There are millions of fo Satanists in our world and this organization is growing daily.

Children are often kidnapped and sold into Child Sex Slave crime organizations. There are literally hundreds, possibly thousands of children who live in cages all over our nation. The FBI are currently finding a few of these children being caged like animals. They are sold to all types of pedophiles. Some children are sexually abused by wealthy highly influential men and women.

CPS is also a criminal organization who legally kidnap thousands of children each year. They are sold on the black market to crime syndicates. Some children are placed on “auction” blocks and resold to pedophiles.

Thousands of children are used for child porn. Many of these videos are what they call “Snuff” films.  This means children are sexually raped, horribly tortured and murdered on video. Some small children are murdered by having their throats cut, some are shot and some are simply bludgeoned to death. This is a highly wanted product by certain satanic pedophiles and they pay a high fee.

Unfortunately, researchers of pedophilia and those who participate say that pedophilia is in many aspects of our society.  Pedophilia, a hideous criminal action against a child are also discovered within our own law enforcement and politicians all over America.  Low level and average pedophiles are sometimes arrested and convicted.  Very seldom does a high level or highly influential person (pedophile) get arrested.  For this reason, our children are not safe and must be protected.

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