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Are Children Safe in Transgender Restrooms?

Are Children Safe in Transgender or Co-ed Public  Restrooms?

Children Do Not Appear to be Safe Anywhere you go.  Men Who Simply Identify as a Woman Can Now Enter Female Public Restrooms.  


Obama’s transgender public restroom policy has caused a firestorm in our nation.

It’s a shame parents have to worry about allowing children to use public restrooms more than usual.  You should always keep an eye on your children, but now its worse.  We know that not all transgender people are predators – however, the new law that allow co-ed restroom use opens the ‘door’ to a man who is only a pretender to abuse children.

Predators are every where and we now have one more reason to keep our guard up.  We can’t tell if a person who enters a restroom is a harmless transgender or a man with abusive intentions.

We all know now, it’s not wise to allow our child to visit public restrooms alone.  Children today, cannot be out of your site. You should always look after your children, but our modern times is causing us more worry and chaos.

Times are changing and society doesn’t seem to be getting any safer.  I wish I could be the giver of good news, however, the best advice is to stay more aware of your surroundings and learn who can harm you or your child and who might help protect you.

Predators are everywhere.  Experts say about 15% or more of our population are predators seeking prey. The predator might be a thief, a killer, a rapist or a sexual pedofile.  There are millions in our world.

Predators are like parasites.  They seek out a host to prey upon.  They want what you have.  If you’re lucky, they may only want your watch, your money, however some want to kill you.  Sexual predators who prey on children are the worst kind as far as I’m concerned.

The new transgender policy on restrooms is certainly opening the door to give parents grief and more worry.  Any man can enter a female restroom as long as he identifies as a woman.  Is this nuts or what?  Where is our society going?  Where is it headed?  Only time will tell.

It’s important that every parent teach their children about strangers.  There are many lessons that are still not taught to children.  Parents need to teach children how to avoid child molesters and how to spot possible predators.  By avoiding these evil people it can obviously remove many dangers.

Children are often scared for life after the child has been assaulted by a pedofile or predator.   A very good ebook to read that will give parents a lot of information is called “How to Protect Your Children From Child Molesters”, it’s written by Thomas P. Crenshaw.  This ebook is part of the “Bullet Proof Your Life” series.

You can get more information about how to protect your child here.