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How To Be a Great Lover at Any age

What’s Inside:

  • Secrets, Myths and Lies about Sex
  • Kink & Fetishes- Types of Sex Certain People Enjoy?
  • Cuckolding and Hotwifing
  • What Does Polyamorous Mean?
  • How to Perform “Cunnilingus” (how to lick p***y the right way)
  • How to Give Great Fellatio (oral sex)?
  • How to be a Better Lover
  • Several couples discuss what it’s like to have a threesome
  • Myths & Secrets About Dating and Why People Fail
  • Having a Girlfriend Makes Men More Attractive (even if he has to rent a professional girlfriend)
  • Why Do Women Play Mind Games With Men?
  • How to Have a Successful Threesome
  • The Basics of BDSM
  • How to Find Romantic Love – 12 basic rules
  • Men, Stop Masterbating to Porn – meet beautiful women anytime.
  •  16 Secrets that will help you create a successful marriage.
  • What YOU Don’t Know About Satanism
  • Child Sex Trafficking – Mental Disorder of Pedophillia.
  •  Bonus: Over 300 Sex Positions – Full-Color Photos!

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