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Who is Lucifer

A straightforward book is revealing many facts, truths and destroying several myths. Many books have been written explaining “God” and “Jesus,” but very few books describe Lucifer. There are more than 30 million “Luciferians” in our world. 

Whether you believe or worship Lucifer does not matter – what matters is 30 million ‘Luciferians” do! Lucifer’s plan is to destroy anything that God loves. Discover how Lucifer (Satan) is the prince of this world. 

Have you noticed our inverted society? Truths mixed with lies? Satan is the author of lies and deceit. Lies and Deceit is everywhere – especially with those we should trust.

Inside the book, the author explains Lucifer’s plan for the world and reveals Lucifer’s massive war machine.  It may surprise you how our world resembles Lucifer’s plan.

Luciferians have infiltrated their ideas, concepts, and strategies into nearly all institutions, including Churches, Universities, Politics, and almost every aspect of the world’s power structure. Lucifer has been very patient.

Lucifer has his own code of ethics – the people must choose their own torment. People always have the “will” to choose. If people choose to be enslaved by Lucifer’s demons, then that is their choice. How close is mankind’s choice of total destruction?  

Discover Lucifer’s plan and what you should expect when Lucifer and his minions, Luciferians, are in control of your life.  Discover how communism works into Lucifer’s plan. 

Discover all about Lucifer and his plans for an evil New World Order.  Deceit, Lies and Murder